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A sequel to 2010's remake of The Karate Kid is officially underway, Variety reports, as Columbia Pictures has drafted Zak Penn to provide the screenplay.

A followup to the surprise hit was first announced back in 2010. When asked back then about the idea of another film, director Harald Zwart told ComingSoon.net:

"Well, that's always a tempting idea, and I think we all would love to go back and have an experience again. Certainly, I remember just watching Jaden and Jackie on and off camera and thinking, "They're such a good movie couple." They're just a good two characters I think. I definitely think we can take these two people somewhere else, but that's all up to the success. I'm open for anything."

Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff were brought in to work on the sequel in 2010, but word on the project has been relatively quiet ever since. There's no word yet on whether Penn will work from their script or start anew.

Penn's last feature screenplay was that of 2008's The Incredible Hulk. Since then he has created, written and produced the Syfy series "Alphas."

No talent is currently attached to the Karate Kid Sequel, but it is noted that Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan are both being sought to return.

My favorite comment:

so who's gonna do the hip hop version of the peter cetera song?

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