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Director Renny Harlin has always been at his best when working with cold climates—both Die Hard 2 and Cliffhanger were chilly thrillers—so the fact that he's turning for inspiration to a real-life tragedy that left nine Russian hikers mangled is welcome news indeed.

In 1959, the bodies of nine ski-hikers were found on the eastern slopes of a mountain whose name translates to Mountain of the Dead. Some of the remains had fractured skulls and broken ribs, and one of the two female hikers was missing her tongue. When tested, their clothing was radioactive. Because there were no survivors, no one knows exactly what happened in the place now named for one of the hikers, the Dyatlov Pass.

But Harlin isn't telling that story, exactly: He's framing it through the eyes of contemporary investigators. Still, there's a lot of—pardon the pun—meat on those bones for Harlin:

"I was fascinated by this story, which remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of modern paranormal lore. The facts, the script, and the very dramatic setting convinced me that there is a thrilling movie there, just waiting to rivet audiences."

The as-yet-untitled movie begins shooting in Russia next month, and, judging by the lights in the sky on this early teaser poster, Harlin's got aliens on the brain. Let's just hope that whatever tale he's spinning is as spooky as the true story it's based on.


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