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We have a few character red-links that need pages. (Yes, I'm asking for volunteers, plz.)

Camembert (Legend of the Titanic)

Ena (Yor the Hunter)

Greg Jameson and Art Bell (IKWKM)

Mike Newton, Jessica Stanley, and Eric Yorkie (Twilight)

Balrog (1994), E. Honda, and T. Hawk (Street Fighter)

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I remember when he used real sets for his softcore gay porn. Now, no matter how illogically, they all take place at his house. Also, there was occasionally a plot. A plot that ended in what could be referred to as an underwear ritual but a plot nevertheless.

I needed a theme for my birthday bad movie night and I had put up a poll on Facebook. Among the themes, we have "No One Will Like Your Protagonist," "Edited at Gunpoint," Finer Cronies and Goons, Inc," and "New Santroitcagoberville." (We also have "Bitches Be Crazy" and "Screw The Rules, I Have Money" but they aren't Tirades tropes.)

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I am tempted to see them together because I always see the names "Kurtzman and Orci" everywhere, Jack of All Trades, Action Trek, Transformers, Enders Game and most recently Scorpion. I noticed in both the Trek and Transformers sequels there is the arc where the protagonist? dies and the rest of the group goes on a quest to revive them.

I do not know much about the individual writers but I will take your word. In almost every picture I have seen of Orci, he always looks angry.

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I remember feeling betrayed when Stanley Tucci turned up in Age of Extinction. I noticed his character is photo # 666 in the wiki. I would say that there is a message in there, but in episode 26 James pointed out that some translations (and some faiths) identify the number of the beast as 616.

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