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Just to add, there is the thing about the Donner Cut essentially being a completely seperate project turned out decades later due to...probably just demand after years of fandom wondering just what Donner would have done if he was allowed to stay on the project. As opposed to Return of The Joker where the cuts had to be made due to various reasons that had nothing to do with clashes of personel, and the original version was released soon after. Yeah they do have stark differences, but it's the same movie. Mike & James were right in doing a single review and just noting the differences as they went along.

Superman II: The Donner Cut kind of deserves to be treated as a seperate review, just because of how it came to be, not to mention its ties to Superman Returns, and that it does get treated almost as a different film.

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So I finally got through this, great work all around. Personal fave moments were being able to actually call lines Mike would say before he said them (sign #1 I may have listened to too many of these) and seeing my name drop coming from Dubs 30 miles away (also the resulting conversation on Winnipeg artists like CTD & Chantel Kreviazuk...for those wondering yes I am that much of a booster of Canadian music.)

To a huge milestone and many more to come!

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I'm guessing this review will spawn several Man of Steel Discussions.

I sure hope so. I'm saving that part of episode 500 for later. I loved the Dark Knight Discussions and the Saw series. (I save these for when I go walking - following Mike and some Earth-2lets through a film makes a long walk something to look forward to.)

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...and congratulations on the Big Five-Oh-Oh.

This is really something. Lots of podcasts don't get to even 100 episodes. Hell, some don't even make it to five!

I can't quite remember how I found the Earth-2.net network...I know I stumbled across For Your Ears Only and World's Finest Podcast completely separately and didn't know of the 'common origin' for some time. When it all came together for me, though? That's lost in the mists of time. Pooling so many of the recurring segments on this, I thought was great - I'll probably check out a few segments I hadn't before thanks to this.

I was really glad to hear a whole segment on Superman's radio show - that's something that doesn't get enough love from modern fans.

(Fun fact: Apparently there was an Australian 'remake' of the radio show around the same time. I've never heard it, though.)

Mike, and all the crew, thank you for man hours of good listening - now just #500, not just The Show, but the whole network. You are plainly very driven, creative and clever people.

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After listening to the clip in the show, I believe I have discovered that Bush's "Superman" is about pot. "Long slow rope," "six leaf clover" and "a little more head to make you bolder." It's pretty obvious actually.

I have now thought about Bush more than I ever thought I would.

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