30 Day Comic Challenge- 2012 Edition

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26th- A Comic With Your Favorite Colorist (Colorist/Inker/Letterer):


Dave Stewart.

27th- A Comic With Your Least Favorite Inker (Colorist/Inker/Letterer):


Klaus Janson.

28th- Your Favorite Non-Superhero Comic:


29th- Your Favorite Comic from Outside of the U.S.:


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30th- A Comic You Want to Raise Your Kids On


Might be a bit too much for kids under seven or so, but I think they could latch unto it from then on and also be able to enjoy it when they were older. Spider-Man's a great gateway character into Marvel and comics in general, and Bendis does teenage Spidey/Pete (which kids can related to more easily the 30-something one in mainstream Marvel continuity) like nobody's business.

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