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Okay so I'm working on an alternate ending for Catching Fire for extra-credit in my AP english class. I am open to any and all ideas. The project is due this friday (yes I've procrastinated until the last second). There are absolutely no guidelines and no restrictions as far a violence or adult themes. I want to go dark but still keeping with the tone of the book. I have not read Mocking Jay because I don't want to be at all influenced by it. There is no minimum or maximum length, just the fact that it has to be done by Friday morning. PLEASE anyone and everyone who has read the book and has ideas help me out.

Here are some vague idea I have right now (nothing is set in stone, right now I'm just spitballing)

- Katniss hears either Peeta or Prim screaming runs to the source only to find President Snow standing in a clearing

- He takes Katniss with him in a hovercraft away from the arena and it is destroyed (with or without the other tributes still in it)

- He takes her to the Capital and at some point he calls in an avox which turns out to be Prim

- Katniss starts to go crazy

- There might be something where he takes her to the ruins of district 12 and shows her what her actions have caused

Again these are just different ideas that may or may not make it into the final cut. Another thing, this could be written like it is the final book in the series or like there is another, completely altered sequel after this. But I don't want anything form Mocking Jay in here unless it's entirely coincidental. Once again please, any ideas are welcome, I really want to blow my english teacher away with this one. I've consistently surprised her with my alternate endings and I want to try and make this one the best yet.

If anyone wants it I can send them the final draft of my alternate ending on Friday. You can IM me or just post responces here but please do so if you have ideas. Thanks in advance! :D

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