Episode 04.06: Album of the Year


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With Album of the Year it's the end of the Faith No More coverage, for now, but put on your baggy pants, turn on your Discman, and take a journey back to 1997 with Desmond and Damien as they talk about that year in music. But this episode features what has to be the longest tangent the podcast has ever entertained, and answers many questions that probably shouldn't have been asked: Why does Damien want to be one of the band members from Hanson? What is the topic of the upcoming Weird Al parody of a Faith No More song? Is a thrash song about e-mail prophetic or ridiculous? There are more, but I refuse to fill the notes with questions. Or do I? Solos are whistled, bands are named, vinyl is discussed, surprises are had, and water is coconutted. Plus, the guys go through some feedback and pick the next band! [ 1:31:38 || 44.3 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/droppedd/episodes/droppedd_004-06.mp3

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Meant to comment on this when I was listening, but as far as Five Finger Death Punch goes, I actually think they're okay for modern radio metal (though a large chunk of their discography is definitely not radio-friendly). I'm not some big fan of theirs or anything, but I think when you look at all the other garbage filling the radio these days, FFDP is pretty decent, comparatively speaking at least. Granted, I'm not exactly the foremost expert on modern heavy metal, nor am I looking at them from a music critic's viewpoint.

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Great finale guys. Enjoyed the Prince reference..although a lack of ego won't allow myself to believe it was personally directed :ninja_shifty:

I saw FNM tour this album in '97 at The Academy in Manchester..It was fucking awesome. The show started with Patton alone onstage playing 'Midnight Cowboy' with a melodica..and ended with a transcendental rendition of 'Pristina'..a song which I had already rated a highlight of the album, but would take on extra significance after that particular gig. 'Paths of Glory' is shit sandwich though.

Looking forward to NIN. I'm of the opinion that the 'Pretty Hate Machine' 'Broken' 'The Downward Spiral' run is as good as it ever got for Reznor. I'm hoping you guys can open my eyes to some gems I may have discarded too readily.

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So, over the past few years of touring, it has become apparent through various metal sites and FNM's own personal social media stuff, including a brand new official FNM account, that the band is becoming friendly again. Culminating, of course, in new music. Two new songs performed live at hyde Park yesterday in London (leave it to aith No More to perform a 4th of July show in England...)

The first song is kind of boring, but appears to be titled "Get The Motherfucker on the Phone"


The second, far more interesting, might be called "Superhero" and has kind of a KING FOR A DAY... kind of vibe. I love it:


Of course, I'll reserve judgements for the actual album, which I expect to be announced before the end of summer.

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