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For our anniversary, The Wife bought me a Blu-ray player, and tomorrow I'll pick up the HDTV I just purchased from Best Buy. That said, please tell me some movies I should buy (or at least see) on Blu-ray.

I already know I'll be buying Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Inception, all of the Avengers movies, and Drive.

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Oh yeah! That is so going on my Christmas list! I might just get the original trilogy, though.

The individual trilogy sets don't have any of the awesome special features, unfortunately, and they're one of the best reasons to own the set.

And the prequels, at the very least, are stunningly gorgeous on blu-ray. Seriously, I'd say that whatever restoration process was done to them for blu-ray makes them look better than they ever did in theaters.

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Any of the Disney Diamond Collection releases. The Beauty and the Beast transfer looked beautiful. The thing you really need to watch out with Blu-ray is if the movie was transferred correctly. Take the Fifth Element. They just ported the DVD over and it looks like shit. Another suggestion: Grindhouse. THe Blu-Ray is the only way to get the films the way they were released in theaters. Otherwise, you miss the awesomeness of Werewolf Women of the SS.

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