Episode 536


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This. This movie tried SO DAMN HARD to be the cartoon. But it was incredibly po-faced and super serious about it. Uh, guys? You're a movie about a bunch of soldiers fighting an evil army that ate the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy. Have fun.

As a huge fanboy, I was there on opening night, and I walked away pretty unimpressed. (Of course, part of that was me nitpicking. "Duke isn't a captain! He's a sergeant! He would never accept an officer's commission! Why aren't there any girls here?") And you nailed it: it just wasn't any fun.

Ray Park did a great job as Snake Eyes, though.

The only people who looked like they were enjoying themselves in the slightest were Wayans (I know a lot of people didn't like him, but I didn't have a problem with him) and JGL (who is clearly having a ball).

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I saw this in theaters without any knowledge of G.I. Joe. I knew they were soldiers and I might've seen some action figures at Target, but that was it. This is worse than the first Transformers movie (I'd argue the two sequels are on a whole different level of bad). I'll also say Christopher Eccleston is my favorite Doctor, so this was not an enjoyable experience. The ninja battles between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are very cool, but this is just another classic case of Hollywood having way too much money for special effects and not enough story. Don't even get me started on the stale relationships!!!! :fist:

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