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Don't know how soon people want to start on the JLA/DC draft but one thing we might want to figure out first is continuity. I'm going to propose that, for the sake of simplicity, and in case someone likes a characters continuity pre or post Crisis or Flashpoint, that we set this after some kinda event comic that was a thinly veiled way to go back to the old universe with some Flashpoint elements and pre-crisis elements sneaking in (sort of like how continuity changed post-Infinite Crisis). This way, everyone gets the best elements and, if you want to use Aunt Harriet, Lady Godiva, Barry Allen, and Comet the Super-Horse on your team, go right ahead.

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Use the multiverse to explain your team. If you want an aged Kal-L on a team with post-Crisis Wally West, say it's Earth-AQ7 where Kal-L survived Crisis, but everything else was rebooted and retooled.

With a Marvel Universe draft, I think you have to stay in one reality because they don't put much of an emphasis on their multiverse. DC, on the other hand, shows it off like a kid who's just discovered he can make snot-rockets.

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I was going to leave a gap between this draft and the next one, starting the JLA one in early September once I'm back from holiday. I'm anxious that we don't burn out the concept, I'd like to keep it rolling with something every 3 or so months, maybe starting with comics but moving up to mashing together TV show rosters or stuff like that.

You guys have the right idea with those limits, although I would say that if you do pick Superman it'd be a shame if it wasn't the main continuity one, since taking a piece like that off the board so you can indulge a niche multiverse superman on your team seems wasteful. You can fudge it a little, by saying my superman is the pre-crisis main superman or the post Flashpoint if you like since that's basically the same consistent headline character with some tweaks. Earth-2 Superman isn't.

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It wasn't that the story was mandatory, it was more that that kind of approach would help craft interesting teams. Obviously with so many writers around that was a big part of it for them, for me I kinda wanted the competition aspect. Picking an interesting team with a coherant theme and basically having a character popularity contest were my main aims. Plus it's fun to get people involved in debates around certain characters and ideas. Like the Oratory poll tournaments for wrestling or films or whatever, the main aim is to provoke debate.

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