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Dude, you had first pick. Kitty's like the most beloved by fans of all the X-men characters, no way she'd have gone to the second round.

At this point my lineup is going to be SUPER weird.

So Preston, your team is basically Psylocke, Cable, Xorn and Shatterstar?

I know, I was only going to get either Beast or Kitty, and I wanted Beast more but still get ruing Hannah!

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My number 6. Maybe I set my hopes too high with some of these, but I figured Iceman might get overlooked.

I can't be bothered with Angel though, of all the original team whoever takes him is welcome to him. Xavier is my link to those days.

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Iceman was a want, not a need. My prospective line-up is pretty fluid but I have potential links to pretty much every era. It makes sense to my theme that Jean would want to recruit multiple generations. The nice thing is most of my 90s on picks are less notable characters so I should be able to grab my one or two more popular picks pretty easily.

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I have two characters I consider musts still to get, plus a couple more that I could go with either of. I'd say that one of my musts is likely to go high so I might struggle to get him. My other must is someone I can't think anyone else would want, so I'll probably just be fighting Preston for them.

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