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Here are just few Ideas for movies to cover.

The Ideas are as follows:

From 1975:

The Slipper and The Rose.

From the 1980's:

Ghost Busters



Beverly Hills Cop


48 Hours

Red Dawn

Secret of My Success


Trading Places


If you do TV show, here are some Ideas:

Knight Rider

Dukes of Hazzard


Simon and Simon

The Fall Guy

Remington Steele

Silver Spoons

The Facts of Life

The A-Team


Family Ties

Night Court




Growing Pains

Party of Five

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Not sure if its already been said, but I'd love to see the possibilities of "creating" a sequel or franchise based on a single movie or franchise already made.

Oh and I'd love to see;

The Matrix

The Thing (original)

The Running Man

The Running Man especially considering the way game shows and reality tv are in the modern time, this remake would be on the top of my list.

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I'd like to see a 2012 version of Friends.

One reason since the show is SO 1990s, so seeing that dynamic at it's start 20 (FUCKING HELL!?) years later might be interesting. Not to mention I'd be interested in changing up Central Perk as a main set piece. It would be interesting for like an episode to see the six characters try to do their routine at the Starbucks that pretty much drives Central Perk (and many IRL independant coffee houses) out of business.

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That's a good idea: a remake of Friends. Except it's been done already. It's called How I Met Your Mother. But you guys should give it a try.

Here's my list of suggestions. Some of them have already been suggested, but, nyeh.

Doctor Who (1996 movie)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (I know, relax, I love the original, but animation has advanced so much in the past few years- especially TV animation- it just makes me want to see something new made with this setting done)

Batman (1989- hey, with the news that they already want to reboot it even after Nolan's Batman went so well, why not give this a chance?)

Back to the Future (a super challenge, I think it's physically impossible to recast this movie)

Scooby Doo (the idea of a live action Scooby Doo movie tickles my fancy. It can be done right.)

The Night the Grinch Stole Christmas (I still love the practical effects in this movie)

Inspector Gadget (like Scooby Doo, I believe it can be done right)

X-Men (any of the three movies)

The Flinstones Movie (like Scooby Doo and Inspector Gadget. Wow, this list is full of 'em.)

Battlefield Earth (I dare you, I double dare you to do this one)

Superman (coincide with the new Superman movie?)

Another idea would be Star Trek. Not a new movie reboot, because I think J.J Abrams is doing a good job with it, but rather a new TV show. New cast, new plots, something new in our TVs! I was considering The Last Airbender, but then I remembered that movie shouldn't even exist (hey, there's a challenge).

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In the coming weeks we're going to watch Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and then Skyfall. If Shana isn't Bonded-out, I hope to also show her On Her Majesty's Secret Service and License to Kill, so we can then do our own Bond movie. Not a remake, but a "Who should come next?" type thing.

Also, a lot of the recent suggestions are on our lists, but I can't say when we'll get to them.

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I was mainly thinking which Bond film would do best as a remake, and then thought about which Bond they had the biggest casting issue with. Whatever you guys wanted to do though, a new Bond from scratch would be great since it requires a lot of predictable elements. However Bond films have been remade, Casino Royale and Thunderball spring to mind. Maybe the next Bond should use a classic book as a launching pad?

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If you were going to remake a Bond film, I think your best bet would be Goldeneye. Firstly, it's a soft reboot in itself, with the original recasting most all of the regular characters. Secondly, you get to cast the dark mirror of your Bond pick, both a good and an evil Bond girl, and there's a sizable supporting cast (M, Q, Moneypenny, Boris, Ouromov, Valentin, Wade - even Mishkin!).

For the love of Christ, Casino Royale and Thunderball have been remade enough times. And Thunderball's really not the best story to remake in the first place.

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