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The Last Starfighter

Flight of the Navigator

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Shawshank Redemption

What's Eating Gilbert Grape


Scent Of A Woman

Sleepless In Seattle

The Core

The Devil's Advocate

Point Break

Enemy Of The State

The Net


The Favulous Baker Boys

High Anxiety

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This has been suggested before and the relation to the theme of the episode might be too tenuous, but what about The Wizard of Oz as one of your Halloween movies?

The uttering of a particular line ("There's no place like home") multiple times has the effect of magically spiriting someone someplace (though Dorothy is both the summoner and the one summoned). Plus, the movie's antagonist is a witch and it has a few spooky moments in it, both Halloweeny elements.

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I would actually be really interested to see you discuss, like, super successful movies.

Star Wars

Indiana Jones

Animal House

The Wizard of Oz

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


Also Flash Gordon. The 1980 version is great for what it is, but before I die, I want to see a really good Flash Gordon movie.

On the subject of having an okay movie out but wanting to see a good version. How about a remake of Ray Bradbury's movies. I do not think I have met a person who saw "Farenheit 451" and wanted to see it remade.

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Welcome, jeresyd, and thank you for the suggestions.

We've discussed doing Grease, Beverly Hills Cop, and 48 Hours, so I would not be surprised at all if they wind up being covered on the show. As for the rest, at present we're looking at the schedule post-episode 51 (Ghost), so I'll run these by Shana.

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Country Life- Recently discovered this on Netflix and thought it might qualify as a possible hidden gem. It's a loose adaptation of Uncle Vanya set in Australia shortly before its independence movement, starring Sam Neill, and featuring a very good candidate for the next round of the Douchies. The score largely sucks, but the story and characters are strong enough that it could be retold in a number of settings. And while you have already reviewed and remade a Chekhovian movie, this one at least has a gun.

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I'll second both of those. The Philadelphia Story is a classic screwball comedy and it would be interesting to hear who you think has the chops to be Katherine Hepburn. As for Rope, considering the villains are a coded gay couple and the experimental nature of the piece, it could make for an interesting discussion.

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bukaroo banzai

big trouble in little china

the golden child

tango and cash

last action hero

hudson hawk


die hard

bring it on


beverly hills cop

48 hours

I would love to see Mike and Shana tackle Buckaroo Banzai! I am sure most hollywood studios would consider it un remake-able.

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