RIP Tony Scott


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Every headline I've read since last night uses the phrase "jumped to his death" or "jumped from a bridge," and it pisses me off. The media needs to show some fucking compassion for the man and his family. But no! Why do that when they can sensationalize his pain and final act for extra clicks (RE: ad revenue)? </rant>

This past Friday, Crimson Tide came from Netflix. It will be watched this week in honor of the man.

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I can't believe that someone is shopping around footage of him jumping. Just makes me sick. And not even the shopping around bit. If you see someone climbing on a bridge, how is your first reaction to pull out your phone and film it. Really, is that where we've arrived as a society?

If people haven't already, give Edgar Wrights Blog a read for some great insights in to Tony Scott.

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