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There wasn't one character that was worthwhile.

Melinda May was good, but that's because she was the only one who didn't appear like a cardboard cutout.

Skye? Fuck off.

Ward? Most generic show character ever.

Fitz/Simmons? Make me want to walk into traffic.

Coulson? The best part of Iron Man 2 was one of the worst parts of this show. Wooden.

Hooded Man? Nothing special. Terrible acting.

Terrible acting all around actually. Writing was abysmal and the effects were a snooze.

There is better action in the first three minutes of Person of Interest's season opener than there was in the entire episode of SHIELD.

The music is boring.

There was literally nothing remarkable about this show.

The Rising Tide? This is me making the jerkoff motion.

I'd rather watch NCIS.

I'm only watching an episode 2 because Megan feels slightly more favorable and is starving for shows to watch. But I may give up and let her watch this on her own.

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I've just watched it. It's a show I feel obliged to stick to out of its quasi relevance to Comic Reel-lief, but it's not must-see TV based upon this debut. The problem is the characters. I have never liked Coulson, so a show centred around him doesn't make my heart skip a beat. Chun Li was fine, albeit underused, but every other character was grating - particularly Skye, but I wasn't thinking much better of Fitz or Simmons.

Generally solid, but it'd be VERY generic if it didn't have the Marvel Studios cinematic universe to milk. And those last 5 minutes were awful.

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Second episode was an improvement. One of the big problems with any series with an ensemble cast is that your first episode is focused on introducing your cast and the situation and few people rarely do it that well. There was a lot more action this time around and I didn't get as annoyed with everyone. It still has a bit of a way to go. So far, I think I prefer the "We found an object of untold destruction" to "This one guy needs helps" episodes for this kind of series.

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God, this show is a fucking turd. It is lazily written with the clunkiest dialogue I have seen on television in ages. The action is THE WORST.

The only people I see following this are Whedon apologists and fanboy who get boners at hearing mention of "Stark" and "The Hammer" and who can't bear to miss out on the vague d-list characters they'll pull out from time to time.

I hoped that Fury was there at the end to say that he came to recruit the good characters for a better TV show, but he couldn't find a good character.

I'm out.

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The only people I see following this are Whedon apologists and fanboy who get boners at hearing mention of "Stark" and "The Hammer" and who can't bear to miss out on the vague d-list characters they'll pull out from time to time.

As someone who's neither a Whedon apologist (he's very hit-or-miss for me) or someone who can enjoy something on references alone, I think I technically disprove that theory.

On the whole, I'm disappointed with SHIELD, though I still enjoy it on a mild level. My inner eight-year-old and I are on very good terms (we meet up every other Tuesday for pizza and laser tag), so I appreciate a good lighthearted comic book/sci-fi adventure from time to time. I understand and accept that SHIELD will probably never win awards for its drama, acting, or writing, but I'm okay with that for now. At the very least, it's still got tons of potential. I hope it gets better, but in the meantime I feel like I'm reasonably entertained for 45 minutes every Wednesday while I eat lunch.

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I'm a big Whedon fan but I this isn't clicking for me. It's the Whedonverse equivalent of Voyager, high on the technobabble with indistinguishable characters. Do we need three science geeks? Firefly never had redundant characters, nor did Buffy. Part of me wants to blame this on the fact that Whedon isn't running the show but the people he picked should be better than this.

It really is down to the concept. All the signature Whedon shows were built from the ground up with a specific notion in mind. Buffy- our demons are LITERAL demons. Firefly- The opposite of Star Trek, but retaining the original Wagon Train to the Stars western model. Dollhouse- Slavery, personality and the corruption of technology.

Shield- Standard TV team hunt down people/relics. This doesn't have it's own deal yet beyond the brand.

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So, anybody else notice that our uncomfortably white team is two for two in victories againist evil minorities?

Episode two was better, but not by much.

Victory against two sets as they did help the oppressive government in a battle against rebels fighting their mining practices. Also Skye told the black tech guy not to go on a joyride with her van.

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I loved the first episode.

The second... I was bored several times. The only good bit was at the end with Fury. And he didn't talk like Movie!Fury did.

I'll be back for episode three but if it doesn't pick up next week, I honestly don't know if I'll be back for episode 4.

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