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The first issue is made up of some of the prior scenes along with what some of the people were doing before Donna brought them aboard. Donna briefs them that there has been an irregular amount of interdimensional traveling throughout the 52 universes. Earth-46 has had the largest amount in recent history. The Earth has been taken over by its superviallains, the heroes forced into matches where they're hunted. If they survive for 24 hours then they're name will not be drawn for another year and their families aren't killed. The matches are televised so the people have to see what happens to those that would stand against the new order. There is a rebellion that was started by that Earth's Lex Luthor. Half of the group is going to meet up with the Resistance with Luthor posing as being the clone of that Earth's Lex Luthor. Joining him will be Superboy, Kid Flash, and Jenny Quantuum. Meanwhile, Donna, Tim, and Kyle will get captured and taken to the pens to try to create an uprising. While there, Donna and Kyle get drawn to compete at the Gotham City Arena along with that Earth's Black Canary and Barbara Gordon aka Brainiac 9.

The Gotham City group are hunted by a group of that Earth's villains led by the Tala from Earth-Prime who through magic realizes that Donna and Kyle are not from this Earth. Tim meanwhile escapes the pens and takes up the mantle of Batman to lead a prison riot. The resistance accepts Luthor as a hero, something Luthor is not used to. One of the aspects of the series as w hole is Luthor trying to act fatherly to Superboy, trying to be a mentor and it always ending badly. Jenny decides to go on a mole-hunt through the Resistance under the assumption that one of them has to be a mole. This proves to be correct when they meet Ice who is actually Tiffany of Earth-27's Power Posse. She calls in Superboy Prime and we have the fight of the Superboys. Luthor remarks he's never been so proud.

Tala kills Black Canary during the last hour in the city. She reveals that the rest of her Cadre were just using this Earth as testing ground for a bigger plan and that it has been judged as unfit. The first of the Tanagarian warships that were going to destroy this Earth arrive. Tala teleports herself out. Kyle, Brainiac Babs, and Donna try to stop the warships from destroying this Earth.

Tim as Batman discovers where the Wardens office is in the pens. There he meets the Warden who is Tim Drake from the Titans Tomorrow arc of Teen Titans. The two Tims fight until Earth-Prime Tim presses the button freeing all the prisoners in the pens. Seeing that he's beat, the evil Tim escapes.

Tiffany tries to escape in the ensuing chaos of the Cadre's attack on the resistance's hide-out. She teleports out only for Kid Flash to race after her through the multiverse. Eventually, Kid Flash catches her only for Tiffany to start to convulse and spontaneously combust when she says that she'll talk and tell them everything. Jenny and Luthor fight off the army while Connor starts to win against Superboy Prime. Luthor breaks off from his fight to start shooting Superboy-Prime with blasts of Kryptonite fueled laser from his Powersuit. Superboy Prime taunts Luthor. Luthor responds that all he needed to do was distract him. Connor knocks Superboy-Prime out. ("That's my boy!") Tala appears and takes Prime with her.

The Gotham team stops the Warship when Brainiac Babs uploads herself into it's systems and effectively takes control of the entire Thanagarian armada, forcing them to stand down. It kills her physical body but she uploads herself to New Kronos's systems. The team leaves this Earth, Luthor replacing himself as leader of the resistance with this Earth's Luthor's clone. Jenny decides to leave the team but promises she'll be back for her next vacation. Braniac Barbara takes her place. Meanwhile, the three members of the Cadre that we've met are reprimanded for their failure by an unseen figure but he then tells them that they're still on track for the bigger plan and we reveal the leader of the Cadre is The Overmaster.

Later story arcs are mainly fixing other trigger points throughout the 52, the roster changing to suit the over-all mission. Luthor, Superboy, and Donna would be the main central core with everyone else changing out from time to time. At some point, I would use the Aquaman from Brave and the Bold. I would find a way. Eventually, the team finds out that The Overmaster has found the entire multiverse unfit to survive and is planning on shattering Earth-Prime and replacing it with a new multiverse that deserves it more. They fight and Brainiac Barbara fliesNew Kronos into the Overmaster to stop him.

Also, Luthor kills an evil Superman along the way with Connor during the second arc. Luthor thinks it the best father-son bonding ever. This triggers Connor's storyarc where he tries to deal with the fact that he is also a Luthor. Luthor surprisingly enough doesn't betray the team at any point and Donna, at the end, lets him go back to his old life with the hope that maybe some of Connor rubbed off on him.

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Issue 1: Reality is being destroyed. Everything in the multiverse is coming to an end. And only one man can save the day, as long as you like his status updates on Facebook. He is Booster Gold, the man of the 80's 90's 00's today! While taking down Royal Flush Gang V.7 he is taken by Rip Hunter to the Vanishing Point. The very crux of reality, and told that somewhere is tearing everything apart. When Booster tells Rip to go find the Justice League, Rip informs him that that Justice League no longer exists, the only hope is Booster, and a few other anomalies that can help. Booster asks who these anomalies are, and we end the first issue with Booster and Rip taking a trip to 1960's Gotham, to meet a retired Alan Scott.

Issue 2: opens with Booster and Rip explaining to Alan that they need his help. Alan says he is out of the hero game, and he is not a vigilante anymore, the world does not need heroes who hide behind a mask, and that he lost too many people due to "Joint Congressional Un-American Activities Committee" Rip is ready to give up, when Booster mentions "This is the great hero that Jade and Todd wouldn't shut up about?" When Alan asks what he means, Booster is cut off by Rip who warns him about messing with time, but Booster responds "If we're all going to die anyway, it's best he knows" and Booster tells Alan about Obisidan and Jade, and Infinity Inc, and how he is a role model to so many heroes in the future JSA and JLA. Alan says he will join them, on the condition that if they do save reality, Rip has to make sure that Todd and Jade never become "Another forgotten warrior" in the fight against crime. Rip agrees. And the team goes into the waiting Time Bubble. Next in the issue we have Jonah Hex join the team. Jonah agrees to join, not for the money, but if Rip can beat him in a game of cards. Rip does so. Booster notes that Jonah seemed a lot more receptive to the idea of time travel than he should. But he thinks nothing of it. The issue ends with the new time masters going to meet their final member. the last Czarnian, and the universe's greatest bounty hunter; Lobo.

Issue 3: opens with Lobo and rip discussing Lobo's fee, Rip reluctantly agrees to it. Booster speaks to Skeet's about what this must be and Skeets pauses "I think he'll take whatever he damn well pleases, sir." We are then taken onto Rip's ship, where he tells about the one other master of time, Chronos. Booster laughs and says in the 25th century, Chronos is known for being the worst supervillain since crazy quilt "And not nearly as snappy a dresser" but Rip says there's something different about Chronos. His methods have always been small time, petty, but this, destroying all of reality, is downright barbaric.

Issue 4: opens with the team in the time stream, locating Chronos' signature. They find him, and Alan finds it all too easy, Lobo tells him to shut up, and goes over to the Chronos' image, only to be turned into Baby Lobo "Gah...what yah fragging bastich's lookin' at!?" Alan walks up next, only to be turned into an old man, forced to use his power rings energy as a cane. Booster walks up, and is the same as he was. Rip deduces that because Booster altered history, he is outwith times control, so he can't be affected in a positive or negative way. Chronos from off panel laughs and says "Yes, I thought you'd be a problem Gold. You and that little dog too" "I'll have you know his name is Booster Gold! And I'm a robot, not a dog!" Skeets shouts back. Rip asks Chronos why he is doing this. Chronos laughs and says being the maker of reality, is everything he ever wanted. God created the universe in 7 days, just think what I can do with 7 millennia. Rip says that he has seen Chronos arsenal, there's no way someone in the 21st century could develop such equipement. A voice laughs from off panel again, of course nobody could develop something of that quality in that century. Quite frankly, you'd need to be someone with a bit more time on their hands. Enter Vandal Savage from the year 400,321AD, and he's had all the time he needs.

Issue 5: A Savage time. Savage explains that over the past several millennia, he has grown weary of the universe. He's ruled them, he's destroyed countless heroes. Lived like a god, both new and old, and he has nothing left, except time. Rip warns Vandal that any actions he takes may cause issues to reality. Vandal laughs, I am not trying to rule the universe, I'm going to destroy it. Vandal explains that he has grown weary over the years, and wishes for an end to come, an end to everything, so that he may finally be at peace. Rip screams "I'm not going to let you do this!" Vandal states "Oh dear mortal, who says I needed you to do anything, but die." Rip hears a gun click behind him. Jonah was hired by Vandal savage in the mid 1800's, and that contract is still binding, as far as Hex is concerned. Rip and Booster are out of hope.

Issue 6: Time Masters are Hexed: The finale of the storyline, and Chronos realising that Savage lied to him about recreating reality decides to join the time masters in taking down Savage. Rip says to Jonah "Remember that thing I promised you could do. Now!" Jonah turns his gun, and shoots Booster Gold in the arm. Vandal turns to see why a gun was fired, and is tackled by Chronos, the two men fall into the timestream, and are lost in the ripples of reality. Lobo is turned back into an adult, and Alan is de-aged, Booster is still screaming about being shot. Jonah tells him to pipe down, it wasn't fatal. The team starts to disappear from the stream and are back in the bubble. Rip talks thanks them for their help, and says it's now time to do what I promised.

Issue 7: Opens with Booster getting his arm bandaged up by Alan, as Lobo looks out with a grin on his face. We are taken to Czar around fifty years ago. Lobo cheers and gets out of the bubble. Skeets asks Rip why anyone would want to go to this place. Rip responds "This is the day Lobo becomes the last Czaranian. He wants to re-live it." Skeets asks "Won't that cause a time anamoly...two Lobo's?" Rip looks down and says "No. This is also the day that the Lobo of the past kills the Lobo of the present." "....Mr Hunter?" "Yes Skeets." "My head hurts just thinking about that." "Try not to, it's easier this way" Next Jonah is taken back to Wild West and just before he leaves, Booster has to know, why was he shot? Jonah says that in Booster's future, Jonah's past, Booster comes to town, and does something incredibly stupid. Booster says after today he's going to make sure that won't happen. Hex smiles and says "No you won't" Alan is taken back to Gotham in the 1950's and reminds Rip of his part of the deal, never to let any harm come to Jade or Todd. Booster later asks why Rip agreed to a promise he could never keep. Rip said that his dad one day, Alan will come to Rip and thank him for not keeping that promise, as the days training his children for Infinity Inc were his most treasured memories, my dad taught me, you never regret what you have done, only what you haven't. Booster looks off into space "Your father must have been a good man." Rip looks at Boosters reflection for a moment "The greatest"

This is just a basic outline, I have no ear for dialogue, and the ending sort of comes out of nowhere, but yeah, this is my main pitch for a mini-series featuring Rip Hunter, the Time-Master.

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