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Rather than give you a reasoned explanation for my pick, let me let him tell you...

"You don't fool me. You can give me all the bullcrap in the galaxy about there being a tradition of a Green Lantern serving in the League, about this being a chance for me to 'redeem' myself--never mind that I ain't never, ever did anything I couldn't back up, about how being a part of the team allows me to better police the sector. You want me on your little rinky-dink League again because you think you can 'control' me.

Screw that. The Guardians don't call me 'The Fist of The Lanterns' for nothing, you know.

The real reason I'm going to accept your invitation is simple, pal. Every team needs somebody to do their dirty work. Every team needs some regular joe who will march in and do the thing that's right, even if it's not 'moral' or 'clean.' You lugnuts need me because I'm going to hit what needs to be hit, say what needs to be said, and stand my ground no matter what stands in my way. I'm gonna take all the stuff you get your panties in a twist over and do it so you don't have to.

There's one other thing I'm going to do. I'm going to have your back.

You can call me an asshole behind my back. Because you're right. I am an asshole. I'm just your kind of asshole.

Count Guy Gardner in."


(And incidentally, I did not include Dex-Starr because, well, he's a cat...but I would like to make him official mascot of my team....)

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She wonders how ready the League really is for the future, sometimes.

Oh sure, they always manage to find a way to pull together when some huge threat is facing them. But here's the thing: it took long enough for the League to come together, as most of its members are used to working alone, and more than a little paranoid on top of it to boot. They're not exactly the greatest model to follow for teambuilding.

And now there are kids - barely older than Tim and Dick were when they took up the Robin mantle - becoming super heroes, who are mostly on their own trying to figure things out, much less getting backup, or knowing how to work together when the situation calls for it. What will happen when these kids are old enough to become full fledged league members, much less when the big guys age out of the picture, who knows?

Well, she has an idea. And it's not pretty at all. Unless she has anything to say about it.

She knows everything. She's already located four young superheroes who could use some guidance. Now, it's just a matter of recruiting them, and finding some decent role models for them.


After the Joker ended her career as Batgirl, Barbara Gordon became Oracle, one of the most powerful information brokers and hackers in the DCU. Plus, she'll kick your ass if you mention the chair.

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I just got up, gimme a sec. :P


"So, hell's finally frozen over, huh?" The blonde was facing her window, looking out on NYC, and not acknowledging Barbara's presence.

Oracle had to bite her tongue. This was a long shot, and had been ever since Kara had turned her down for the Birds. But, still. The fact that she'd gone out of her way to form a more teen-oriented JSA after the split with Magog had to mean something. And the way that she'd taken Terra under her wing... well, she was the perfect candidate, as much as Barbara's pride rankled to admit it. "It would seem so."

"So, why now? I'm busy enough with superheroics, keeping an eye on Terra, running Starr Enterprises, and oh, actually attempting to have a social life. Why me, one of the last people on earth who'd probably want to work with you?"

"Because whether or not I like to admit it, you know what you're doing with young people. You proved that with the All-Stars and how you and Terra have bonded. And if this is gonna work, I'm going to need people who can work well with them and who the kids can respect. Plus, you're a pretty damn good role model."

Power Girl's stance softens, and she finally turns to face Oracle. "All right. But you need to understand, if I'm not okay with what you're doing, or the way you operate with the kids, I'm gone."

Barbara smiles a little. "I wouldn't expect anything less from you."

"So, you have any idea who you want for this little school of yours?"

"Yes. There's one I'm going to go see right now. The other, I think you can help me on..."


Power Girl's set up shop in NYC, and is determined to become more than just "Superman's cousin". Her fun attitiude, her previous experience with teenage superheroes and her other... assets make her the perfect candidate for Oracle's team.

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The woman who stood behind his defined 'statuesque.' Her arms were crossed over her chest, and there was no mistaking the power within her muscles. Her raven tresses framed the kind of face that would break hearts if it wasn't for the perpetually sour look. She watched with narrowed eyes as he called up his candidates.

Finally, she said with a hint of contempt, "What a sorry rabble you seek to bring into your circle."

"They're not meant to be media friendly," he replied. He turned to face her. "We're building a gun here. These men and women are going to be the weapon that puts paid to problems the main team can't handle."

"Can't...or won't?"

"Sometimes one. Sometimes the other. Sometimes a little of both," he answered. "And I'm hoping we can somehow pull them away from the darkness they threaten to fall into and make them the people they could be."

"Some of them have already fallen far into that darkness."

"Yes. But their behaviors show me they're willing to go into the light."

There was a glimmer of recognition in the woman's eyes. She seemed to visibly relax. "I understand your strategem. You want me to join so I can serve as an example of someone who has conquered the evil inside her and rose above it."

"No." His fingers scrabbled at the keyboard as he closed down the dossier on each candidate. "I don't need a role model; these people are adults and won't respond to that. What I need is a drill sargent, an enforcer, someone who will be able to direct this group in the field, but be able to slap them down if they get out of line. Someone with a keen military mind. And if she understands what it's like to start out in a dark place and rise above it, so much the better."

When he faced her again, he was smiling vaguely. "I'm confident Gardner will be a team player. He and I have a history going back to our football days...but the others might be a challenge."

It was the woman's turn to smile, one that sent a chill down his spine. "Challenges? After running herd on Darksied's forces, this will be child's play. I will join you on this adventure. Let Scott keep the home for a while."


(Now to hope and pray that my next two choices don't get swiped...)

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Woo for Barda. I was considering Barda for my tank but just glad someone is using her.

Suavestar, you're up.

She was not my first choice--but as the concept for my team crystalized beyond 'I'm gon' draft alla my favorites, yessum!' I realized she fit a whoooole lot better in the team than the first Tough Female I Wanted To Draft (anyone who knows me will know which brunette was going to be our mysterious leader's enforcer/Getter of his back). The same happened for people originally on my short list.....

The others, however...heh....

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