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As Vic Sage snuck between the wall of the abandoned warehouse and the high chainlink fence that kept people less ambitious than him out, a single arrow flew through the air. It found it's mark, sinking into the wall, between Sage's legs, a few inches below his crotch. Sage froze, before grinning and calling out.

The Question: If this is your idea of flirting, you and I are going to have a long talk about safe words, but I can't say I'm not a little interested.

From behind some debris, a raven haired beauty, clad in shades of violet bounded. She threw a crossbow over her back and with the aid of her bo staff, easily cleared the chainlink fence. Helena Bertanelli, better known as The Huntress.

Huntress: You're a long way from Hub City, Vic.

Even through his blank mask, you could see Sage's smile.

Question: And yet, I find things the same here as Central City, Ivy Town, and even Metropolis. Beautiful women tripping over themselves to talk to me and big bad men running alien weapons.

The Huntress frowned.

Huntress: Batman mentioned something was up with Black Mask, but I don't think he imagined it was this widespread.

The Question nodded, sagely.

Question: Bruno Manhiem, The Flash's Rogues, even some of Luthor's goons are all running these.

The Question opened his jacket, showing the alien pistol he had stolen from the crate.

Question: If you're up for it, Helena, I could use someone I trust watching my back.

The Huntress smiled.

Huntress: Are you sure you're not more interested in watching mine?

Question: I admit nothing.


Born the daughter of a mafioso, Helena Bertanelli could have easily grown up on the wrong side of the law. But the brutal murder of her mother and father before her young eyes set her on a parallel path to the Dark Knight. After years of training, Helena is a master Martial artist and a deadshot with her crossbow. Her relationship with Vic Sage is... complicated. She and Vic are immensely attracted to one another, and care deeply for each other, but push away when confronted with Helena's anger issues and occasional willingness to kill. The pair function very well as a team, when they're not arguing.

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Captain Marvel didn't know what was going on. He only knew that the voice of Solomon, himself, was constantly going through his head lately telling him an ancient, mystical, chaotic force was preparing to wage an all-out assault on the mortal plane. To have the king, himself, communicating with him must mean the entire world, possibly the universe, is in dire jeopardy. But what was he to do with this knowledge? If this threat was as catastrophic as he believed, he would need some help.

He wouldn't have to search for long, though, because suddenly, a bright light appeared before him. A voice came from the energy portal before him:

"I trust the wise king has warned you of the danger that all worlds are in."

Capt. Marvel: "Yes. But who...wait...I know that voice..."

Out from the ankh-shaped portal materialized one of the greatest sorcerers in the world...


The voice of Nabu spoke...

"We have much work to do and little time in which to prepare."

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"Green jeans?"

"Ollie's putting his own team together, and I wouldn't want to bring him back into all this again."




Wally flinched at the flippant remark.

"Look, you think I would have come to you unless you were the only person who i think could possibly help me put a group together to do the things we're expected to do?"


"Get your gun, put on something you can kick some ass in and let's go get our first recruit."

"Who's that?"

"Her picture's on top in that manila folder you've been shaking at my face for the past seven minutes, which, by the way, feels like a millennium to me."

He opens the folder, whistles and shrugs.

"The Bat is gonna kick our ass for this."

"Probably just yours, Max. He likes me."


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