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Two things: first off, Smallville wasn't bad initially, it went downhill because Miller and Gough didn't know what to do anymore. They're not as of yet attached to this. Secondly, all the Smallville comparisons are drawn by the article's author without any actual quotes. The other information there, aside from being an "early years" story, doesn't seem to be quite in the same vein as Smallville.

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There are so many stories to tell with Diana, why do Smallville with her? That's literally the worst thing you can do. She's not Superman, don't treat her like him. And her time on the island was boring, I thought?

The article references her being a "budding superhero." Not "a teenager with powers and emotional issues;" an actual superhero. So it seems like it would be more like her first days arriving in man's world, not her time on the island.

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There hasn't even been a pilot ordered yet.

A few months ago, it was announced that The CW was venturing into the world of Wonder Woman with a new series titled Amazon. Writer Allan Heinberg has been commissioned to write a script, but no pilot has officially been ordered. In an interview with IGN, CW President Mark Pedowitz had this to say: “First off, we’re waiting to see the script. Second off, we’re busy casting for Diana as we speak. Hopefully the script works the way we want. It's an origination story in the sense that Smallville was an origination story.”

With Warner Bros.' plan to have a Justice League film in theaters by 2015, The CW made sure the new series wouldn't interfere. “We worked carefully with Warner Bros. to make sure Warner Bros. theatrical was onboard so we were able to get it done. You want to work carefully with your studio to make sure that it works and that it doesn’t interfere with their projects.”

Pedowitz also says it's possible that Arrow and Amazon might be in the same 'universe.' “I think they all could exist in the same world, but whether they do or they don’t is depending on what the showrunner wants to do.”

Even though it would appear the stars are aligning for the potential new series, a pilot still won't be comissioned for a while. “If we get the right script and the right casting, we’ll go right forward to pilot.”

This is a bad idea. A failed pilot based on the same property was the laughing stock of tv last year. Why would this work where it didn't?

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Because they see Marvel making all sorts of money with their movies and animated shows, and want some of that money for themselves. And they've done Batman and Superman over and over, so they want to try something new, get other heroes into the public consciousness.

But for some reason, where Marvel gets it right, DC and Warners don't seem to know what the hell they're doing.

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This could easily go either way. It could degenerate into post-Season 3 Smallville territory, or it could be epic stuff along the lines of Supernatural seasons 1-5. It's also got some similarities to Nikita (which is also good), what with a female action hero protagonist. It could also be right down the middle, a la Arrow.

I don't think there's been anything terrible or amazing said about the show yet. Definitely nothing that can make any kind of pre-judgment entirely valid. But I'm really glad that they're at least trying.

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Well, let's be honest: CW's core target audience is teenage girls.

The Television Critics Association winter press tour was this week, and during his presentation, the bigwig from the CW acknowledged that while they do decently enough in the 18-34 demo, they are actually trying to move the numbers closer to the 34 end of the demo than the 18 end (advertisers know that generally speaking, the older the viewer, the more money they have to spend on what they're selling). Look for the CW to start throwing more adult fare at the wall to see what sticks.

Seeing how trhe average comic fan today is male and in his mid-to-late 30s, targeting Amazon at teenage girls would probably not end well for the project.

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As would I. Fox managed it. UPN didn't. The CW will have to if they're going to make it (at least before the business model changes; their shows are currently geared towards younger people who don't watch their shows live, and therefore aren't especially attractive to advertisers).

If Smallville proved anything, it's that in the long run, shows based on comics properties get more viewer loyalty and internet buzz by giving the fans what they want and not being terribly risk-taking. (Smallville was a huge phenomenon in the first season precisely because it went out of its way to avoid fanwank, but after a few seasons it survived almost solely by playing to the geeks).

Amazon has the potential to be great. It also has the potential to be awful. At this point there's nothing to get your hooks into; the pilot script hasn't even been turned in yet.

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The last we heard about The CW's "Wonder Woman" project, titled "Amazon," it was being reworked internally and would not be debuting in the fall of 2013. This seemed like a death sentence for the series to many, but EW is reporting that The CW President Mark Pedowitz says the series is still very much alive and in development.

"It’s being redeveloped. We don’t want to produce something that doesn’t do the franchise justice. It’s the trickiest of all the DC characters.”

Development on the pilot is no doubt in a similar state than it was a few months ago where the network was actively casting for the role of Diana except now Heroes writer Aron Eli Coleite is working on a script instead of Allan Heinberg. It has been said before that should the project come together later this year, that an "off season" pilot could be ordered for the project with an eye toward a spring 2014 premiere.

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