Episode 560


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What do you get when you mix a less-than-sober tweet with two transatlantic replies? This four-hour episode! Today, Mike is joined by the Shake and Blake team of Ian Wilson and Dave Probert to discuss Warren Beatty's 1990 adaptation of Dick Tracy! And make sure to listen to the entire show, because there are four minutes of outtakes! (Notes: This episode was recorded months ago, so there is a rather dated reference to The Dark Knight Rises. Also, please pardon the Skype hiccups.) [ 4:02:50 || 116.8 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_560.mp3

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I'm out of town tomorrow night, so I won't have much chance to comment until (UK) Tuesday night, but this was a LOT of fun. The swapping out of James with Dave for a review with Mike was a minor concern, but once we got into it, there was no question that this fil review was going to work out!

And if you like what you hear, Shake & Blake is right there in the archive. The subject matter, even if you've never seen Blake's 7, is not so incomprehensible that our banter will not make sense!

My work here is done.

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