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You get one character who began its existence as an entity outside of comics. If a comic has been made of them, then they are free to pick. But only one. All the others have to be exclusively comic book characters first.

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The first two drafts have been very strong, so, if the interest remains the same or grows, how would you all feel about making a new draft section of the forums? Or incorporating them into the Versus section? This way we can run drafts that aren't only related to comic books, and it will get that section up and running again.

I'm all for this the more I think about it, especially if we branch out of comics. I for one like the idea of action hero teams or something like that. We could always change the Versus Section to Forum Games and then just make the Subsection for "Drafts" or "Drafts and other games" if someone wants to do a game of Mafia or something like that.

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I like that idea, although at this stage it almost feels wrong to finish it!

How about for draft order we go by timezone next time? Everyone goes from midnight local time. No waiting on single people then.

We can totally do omni-draft II at some point, restricting previous choices from selection.

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