Episode 05: Saved by the Bell


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Thanks to the generosity of Will Ackerman, Christian Honoré, and Matthew McKinnon-Gray, Shana and Mike sat down to discuss how they'd remake Saved by the Bell. In their revamp, both the original cast and a new cast are utilized, there are drugs and death, implied handjobs, and even science fiction. No, really. Also, Mike slaps himself during the recording, because, you know, it's Saved by the Bell. [ 1:25:45 || 41.6 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/forbetterorworse/episodes/forbetterorworse_005.mp3

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As it said in the episode, I listened to this episode as soon as I saw the e-mail. I freaking loved it. Glad I could help make it happen. Sure, it was suffering but the plot you guys came up with was totally what I would expect of a Saved by the Bell movie right down to Zach's reality warping. Great work.

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Mike, Shana, the reason why The New Class lasted so long was because they changed at least two cast members per year. I think it took three years to get rid of the first new class entirely.

Edit: Also, just as a point of interest, Lisa was originally meant to be Jewish American Princess* but they decided to cast Lark Voorhies any way.**

* A term taught to me by a Jewish girl. Blame her for any incidental anti-semitism there.

** I'm disturbed by my own well of knowledge on the subject of Saved By The Bell. Yet somehow my web development knowledge needs constant refreshing however. My damned brain.

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Great episode guys, even if I found your reimagined concept pretty crazy. This is Saved by the Bell, might be a little harsh to include a bunch of stuff related to Cancer, not to mention the slightly disturbing mentally 30-something Zack possibly hitting on his hot teacher. I mean, I know she's not returning it but even hinting at an inappropriate teacher-student relationship is touchy, we don't have the innocence that we had when Mr Belding joined the gang for a sleep-over!

Still fine work though people, having your plot revolving around Zack's mutant power was brilliant.

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