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Saw a preview screening. It's fun. It has flaws, and if you really wanted to, you could pick apart the film and how parts of it don't really make that much sense. It's better than the first film, and Spider-Man, feels like the comic version of Spider-Man. And for anyone who can't be bothered going to the cinema and seeing it:

Harry Osborne as the Green Goblin, causes the death of Gwen Stacey in the clocktower, in a scene similar to her death in the comics, although instead of Peter hitting her with a web in the ankle to stop her falling, he grabs her waist, and it's left open to interpretation if the sudden stop killed her, or if she hit the ground before Peter could catch her.

Aunt May clearly knows he's Spider-Man by giving him a pep talk at the end of the film, talking about how, even though Uncle Ben is gone, she will never let him go, and she should never let Gwen's death be his life, as he gave up being Spider-Man because of it.

Harry Osborne is starting the Sinister Six, to take down Spider-Man, who he knows is Peter Parker, after working it out during their final battle.

The Rhino shows up at the start of the film, as a regular criminal, then at the end as the actual Rhino, and looks pretty cool.

Finally, don't bother with 3-D, some of the web effects look cool in it, but it's not really worth it.

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How was Electro?

Pretty good, he gets a sort of generic supervillain origin, and his powers get quite cool near the end of the film, when he's at full power. Though, they seem to take something from Batman Forever, with him being obsessed with Spider-Man and saying he was kind of already a bit nuts, before he became Electro.

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Actually, and this is weird addition, there's a mid-credits scene that's been added t promote the X-men movie, since Marc Webb was under contract with Fox so Sony offered this as a make-good.

It's good. It's very heavy on Peter's inner turmoil, so between his parents leaving him and his guilt over Gwen's dad it's actually a little too much, the emotional waters are really muddied. However this film lives and breathes on the Peter/Gwen thing and if you buy into it (which it's very easy to do) then you'll like it. I don't know how much the love story/corporate intrigue stuff will interest kids but I didn't mind it.

What I did mind was Electro. As usual, the biggest problem with a Spider-man movie is the villians. Electro is a complete cartoon character when you meet him, right down to the Dwayne Dibbley teeth. At no point did I give a shit about the guy and honestly as far as kinetic physicality there's a dozen better bad guys they could have picked.

What they did do is set up the next two films, you get the feeling that unlike Spider-man 3 long running plot threads actually may get resolved properly and that there really is a long term arc in mind. They just need a truly good villain like Molina was as Doc Ock.

Ok, so the Gwen death was seriously ballsy, especially with her practically being lead 1b in the film. I'm glad they had the courage to go there and the way it was done was right, it wasn't goofy. And their final scene did as much as it could to make it clear this was her choice and she wasn't just a victim.

Harry once again is fast-tracked to insanity and despite being the main villain in the end feels tertiary. Really hoping they don't sinister six the next film, that could just about ruin it with an overload of bad dudes.

Oh, and as someone who works with electrical equipment can I just say that the way Electro was created was the stupidest thing I've ever seen. In fact, everything about that guy screamed Batman and Robin villain. Utterly the wrong tone for the film.

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If this had come out before The WInter Soldier, I would have said it was an decent film. But it didn't. So it's merely OK.

I was so god damn BORED with all the emo Peter crap. There are ways to make that inter... no, actually there aren't. I had a fierce internal argument at least twice about walking out. Just get to Spidey already! Those bits were at least fun to watch.

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I saw this yesterday and left with a feeling of 'well, that was a movie'.

Somehow a movie that was 2.5 hours felt rushed. Just way too much going on.

Everything with Richard Parker didn't serve any purpose.

Harry Osbourne turning into the Goblin was just silly. He looks horrible and the final fight was rather shit. No build, plus the focus is on Gwen.

Electro was better, but was rather unexplained. I'm not saying he needed a 5 minute soliloquy, but he just starts teleporting in the third act. I know why, but I read comics. And specially in the final fight, he looked exactly like Dr. Manhattan.

The Rhino suit is shit. It just is.

The Gwen/Peter relationship was okay, but we never got the payoff on screen. We never see them really together, so when she falls, the (emotional) impact is lessened. It still works, but I think could have meant more.

Plus side, I liked the first Electro fight (outside of the stop time on the stairs). The opening was good fun as well. I liked the first scene of Peter/Harry reconnecting as well.

I guess it comes down to a bad script. Too much for one film.

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I think a reboot was totally unnecessary. That said, I enjoyed this one. It showed real guts at the end, and I was not expecting that at all.

If I have a criticism, it's that the movies were out of order. All of the stuff with Parker's parents should have been in the first movie. It is not given nearly enough time in ASM 1, and we shouldn't have had to wait for the second movie to have it explained. It was very similar to the arc with the parents in the Ultimate Spider-Man arc that introduced Venom, and that's a great storyline.

Grade: A+

The after credits scene, though, I hated.

I really, really hated it.

Traditionally, after-credits scenes in Marvel movies set up the next movie, but this one didn't set up anything at all. There will be no crossover. It was a commercial. It was nothing but one big tease.

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I saw this twice and overall enjoyed it. It is a clearly flawed film, but that does not preclude it from being completely entertaining. Spider-Man is rightfully the star of the show, and every single scene he's in is a joy. Electro's the weakest aspect, but that's not to say that he's godawful. He's very uneven, but we've seen worse in other films. I loved Harry in this, and the final scene had my heart racing. My biggest con was the parents stuff, because quite frankly Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 does not warrant this large of a subplot. It is very distracting.

It's kind of like what Ian said about Quantum of Solace in that while I get why people may not like it, I have a hard time getting why people would outright hate it. I think the Rotten Tomatoes score is particularly harsh, and at the very least it's better than Spider-Man 3.

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It was nowhere in the vicinity of the shitstorm that SM 3 was. AND it had probably the best special effects I've ever seen in a superhero movie.

Also, I know for a fact that some reviewers don't bother formulating their own opinion about a movie, but rather read or listen to another reviewer and then coming up with a way to outdo it. Take it from someone who has had his own reviews lifted, word-for-word in some parts, by other podcasts.

If someone says it's bad, they go back and concentrate on all the stuff that is bad about it and blowing it all out of proportion. There's nothing terrible about ASM2. There are some shitty elements, but it's rare for one of these 200 million dollar popcorn movies to be really good without sheer stupidity holding them back. It's hard to take such a barebones script and make it 2 1/2 hours, for example, when 100 minutes would have served it much better.

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^Yeah, I mean Electro was lame. He wasn't completely godawful, but he was lame. One of the lesser Spider-Man villains on-screen for sure in terms of writing. What they did to Dr. Kafka was unacceptable, and proves there's worse ways to change a character than just his or her race. The parents subplot was defiant in its pointlessness.

Other than all that though, it is not that bad. Spidey's done perfectly, Peter and Gwen are protagonists you really care about, Aunt May has some nice scenes, and I thought Harry's plot was done pretty well. Was it rushed? Idk maybe, but not to an egregious degree. It's like with comic book movies these days, they can't be "Could've been better" anymore, they all either have to be considered good or "that sucked SHIT!".

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What they did to Dr. Kafka was unacceptable, and proves there's worse ways to change a character than just his or her race.

I didn't even know who Kafka was. I'm not the biggest Spider-Man fan, not since I was 10 or eleven anyway. After the IMage guys left, it seemed pointless to carry on.

But, after reading this, to find that the character they replaced with a sadistic torturous German man, was not only a kind woman, but also based on a Jewish doctor in real makes me a little uneasy.

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