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Just something I thought we could do here in the forums. I mean, I think everyone here loves TV shows, movies, video games and all that, and some people also love writing. In case you're wondering, directly from Wikipedia:

A play-by-post game (PbP game, also called a sim or simming) is an online text-based role-playing game in which players (also called writers or simmers) interact with each other and a predefined environment via text. It is a subset of the online role-playing community which caters to both gamers and creative writers. PbP games may be based on other role-playing games, non-game fiction including books, television and movies, or original settings. This activity is closely related to both interactive fiction and collaborative writing.

The idea would be to start a few PBP games, perhaps some based in Marvel and DC superheroes, or even a crossover game. I've been roleplaying in PBP forums for some time now, so I could always start a thread explaining how everything works, if there's enough people interested.

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I'm a bit confused on what we would actually be doing with it. Could you go into a bit more detail and use examples?

I'm a member of the TVTropes Play-By-Post Roleplay forums. Let me link you to one of the RPs I'm participating, one that I want to bring over to this board, called Justice Avengers. The idea in this RP is that we sign-up for characters (both heroes and villains) that exist in a rebooted universe where Marvel and DC exist together- therefore, there can be composite characters, different origins, all of that. That's the first idea.

Something else they do in TVT are crossover RPs, and that's basically like the Versus forum, except focusing more on interactions than actual fighting. So we could have a situation like "multiple characters from different works find themselves in a different universe and have to survive multiple challenges in order to escape back to their homes" and let people play as characters from movies, comics, TV shows, animes, games, anything.

We would begin with Justice Avengers, but we could move onto different RPs, and different people could GM different RPs. Imagine a table roleplay game, except through the internet. I could provide more details on how sign-up goes and all that. Here's a picture from Wikipedia that shows pretty much how PBP works:


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My first ever experiences with the internet were on a Dragon Ball Z roleplay board over 15 years ago and it helped me discover my affinity for writing.

I recall someone had actually printed out the entire story we'd put together by the time the place shut down and it looked like several phone books.

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