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First of all, I would like to thank Lizard of Aus, from TVTropes, for allowing me to run a version of his RP over here at the forums. He'll probably never join the forums, but I'd like to put this here anyway.

Throughout the ages, there have passed the tales of great heroes. Powerful and valiant warriors, such as the mighty Thor of norse mythos, or the incredible Hercules of greek legends. Many tales have been told of their amazing powers, daring feats, and courageous adventures across the world. And for as long as there have been songs of heroes, so have there been whispers of villains. Tricksters, masterminds, beasts of ultimate destruction, clashing against paragons of justice for the fate of mankind. For centuries, these feats have been retold, but over the centuries, man has come to regard them as little more than myth.

That is, until the early years of the twentieth century, when all the known world came to blows. The magnitude of these wars wold be etched in the mind of generations to come. When came the second act of the great wars, more terrible even than the last, the human race needed heroes more than ever. So it was that in the hour of need, strange men rose to power. The honourable Captain of America, the mysterious Sub-Mariner, and the glorious Justice Society led the charge and gave hope to the western hemisphere. Even as their enemies brought forth mighty oppressors of their own, they would not surrender, and in the end the triumphed. But now the countries had no need for heroes. As suddenly as their appeared, the heroes faded away, and in time, almost became myths of their own.

In the years that followed, generations rose and fell, and paradigms gradually shifted. But as the world churned and boiled, something new and fearful rose from the deep. Ordinary boys and girls, born to ordinary families, began to develop extraordinary abilities. These little children were unknown to most of the world at first, but over the decades made their presence felt through feats of destruction. These strange beings became known to the world as Mutants, and were ever shunned and feared for their unknown skills and sometimes twisted appearance. In this time of strangeness and uncertainty, it wouldn't be hard to overlook less direct bizarreness. For instance, an meteor shower coming down in a small Kansas town.

Now, it is near the beginning of a new decade. What mutants can be found are either walking destructive objects, or hideous freaks locked away in slums, and have been cemented in the public consciousness as such. A scientist named Reed Richards has theorised that the cause is a strange chemical found in space, and has requested a trip to orbit to investigate. But as if the prospect of mutants were not enough, there have been reports of strange instances occurring across the Eastern Seaboard; of people in colourful costumes with bizarre abilities appearing and vanishing without a trace. The country is divided now, between suspicion of these beings and praising of their efforts, but one question is on the minds of many...

Could it be, that after all this time, a new age of superheroes is on the rise?


The Premise: The Marvel and DC universes have been rebooted, to become the exact same universe. Characters, locations and concepts are replaced and merged where necessary.

The Location: New York City, which in this world has been described has having the best and worst of Metropolis and Gotham, its neighbours.

Characters: This being a crossover RP of sorts, players are required to select a pre-existing character to play. This means no fandom characters, and really, just about any character trait you can think of has in all likelihood been covered. Heroes and villains are allowed. However, this being a reboot world, you may reebot or reinvent your character however you see fit.

Interested? Copy and paste this sheet, filling it in with the information of the character you like to play. Then post it, and wait for the approval of the GM.

  • Name: (Superhero identity)
  • Real Name: (Civilian identity)
  • Gender: (Male/Female)
  • Age: (Doesn't have to be exact. Could be just "Late 20's" or "Teenager")
  • Appearance: (A description is fine, but pictures are preferred.)
  • Alignment: (Good, Evil, or Anti-Hero/Villain)
  • Personality: (How they act around people)
  • Powers and Abilities: (Pretty self explanatory. No ridiculously overpowered superheroes or supervillains, and no completely invulnerable ones either. At least make them feel pain.)
  • Weapons and Equipment: (Same as above)
  • Origin: (If you like, this can happen during the RP itself)

If you like, I MAY allow a small team of superheroes. But this group must be reasonably small in number, and so cohesive and suited to each other they are almost one entity. These instances will be taken on a case-by-case basis, though members of teams such as the Fantastic Four or the X-Men are not unwelcome.

Note: As the GM, I reserve the right to select characters as NPCs. f you were hoping to play that character at some point, then I apologize in advance.

Here are some good examples of RP rules for all you newbies to PBP RPs:

1. No Godmodding. It's not funny, it's not fair, and it disrupts the game. That means no playing unbeatable characters and no taking over other characters without permission. Don't assume you can write things in for other people. You have your own character and no one else's. Likewise, don't kick off events without the approval of the GM or other players. If everyone is in a bar, you can't just go and write in a dragon burning the place down. Be especially careful when fighting other people's characters. Give them a fair chance; rather than writing "shoots that guy's head off" or "hits that guy". The line between Godmodding and regular fighting in some instances can be somewhat nebulous, so please exercise your common sense and personal judgement. But if everyone else says you're godmodding, then back off.

2. Listen to your GM. When you sign up for a game and are accepted, you are doing so with the understanding that they make the rules for their game and you have to follow them. By not doing this you are derailing the game and making it suck for everyone else.

3. Concerning Sign-Ups. If the GM takes issue with your sign ups, listen. If your sign up was misunderstood, you can try to politely explain. More often that not though, you have missed a bit of background or did not understand what the GM had in mind for the tone of the game. If you're signing up for a Dungeons & Dragons fantasy game, don't make your character Superman and expect to be let in.

4. Keep Discussion to the Relevant Thread: The Main RP thread is for Roleplaying, the Sign-Up and Discussion thread is for signing up and out of character discussion. If you are wondering if a game is accepting new players or if you are wondering how/whether your or someone else's character can/have performed an action, post in the Sign-Up/Discussion thread for the relevant game.


Metagaming: The use of out-of-game information or resources to affect one's in-game decisions.

Ghosting: Dodging everything.

Autohitting: Hitting everything.

Sueing: Creating and writing character that are unrealistically perfect in every way or just flat out don't fit the game's tone.

Accepted Characters:

1. Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) / Stavros

2. Batman (Thomas Wayne) / SuaveStar

3. The Thing / Preston

4. Wonder Woman (Artemis) / JasonC

5. Venom (Peter Parker) / You Know Who

6. Squirrel Girl / Venneh

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  • Name:Doctor Doom
  • Real Name: Victor Von Doom
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Middle-aged
  • Appearance: doctor-doom-20051103034219446.jpg
  • Alignment: His own, often viewed as contrary to those who prefer a megalomaniacal genius mage to not rule the world. Let's say evil.
  • Personality: Proud, confident, calculating, true to his word and carries himself in a manner befitting royalty.
  • Powers and Abilities: Polymath scientific genius equaling that of Reed Richards (though, don't say that to him) and a level of sorcery on par with one contending for the title Sorcerer Supreme. Has limited telepathic control over machines, especially those he built. and a suit of armor that gives him
  • Weapons and Equipment: Doom wears a suit of armor giving him super-strength, force fields and a highly debillitating (and sometimes fatal) electric blast. He also has the considerable economy military and technological force of Latveria at his disposal including Doombots.
  • Origin: After surviving an assassination attempt by the Latverian Baron, Doom led a tightly knit band of gypsies, keeping them safe with sorcery-enhanced technological weapons, combining the talens he gained form his mother and father respectively. Invited to Empire State University, Doom met Reed Richards who warned him that his doctoral project, a machine to communicate with his dead mother, was calculated minutely incorrect. Too proud to admit wrongdoing, Victor went ahead with his testing and the device exploded, scarring his face. Expelled, Doom travelled the world in search of someone to help hone his sorcerous abilities and ended up in Tibet, where a group of monks helped him. He forged a mask and swore vengeance on Richards and all who would stand in his way. On his way home to Latveria, Doom studied under many other sorcerers, most notably Morgana Le Fay, who he helped defeat the hideous but noble rhyming Demon. In return for his assistance, Morgana completed Doom's tutelage, making him a mage of renown. Now, sitting on the throne of Latveria, triumphant, he bides his time for the right moment to make a move, and hold the entirety of earth in his iron fist.

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  • Name: Blue Beetle
  • Real Name: Ted Kord
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 30's
  • Appearance:
  • 250px-Blue_Beetle_LAW.png
  • Alignment: Good (Bwahahahahaha!)
  • Personality: Jokester, awkward, smart
  • Powers and Abilities: Capable fighter, good deductive reasoning and genius inventor.
  • Weapons and Equipment: BB Gun, The Bug, Flight pods and numerous other inventions.
  • Origin: Former student of the original Blue Beetle turned industrialist and crime fighter.

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  • Name: Batman
  • Real Name: Thomas Wayne
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Mid 50's
  • Appearance: 2594972-552067_295795117162146_1962645000_n.jpg
  • Alignment: Loner. Dislikes all other heroes.
  • Personality: He's Batman. Stoic, uncontrollable, a loner.
  • Powers and Abilities: He's Batman. No powers, but an arsenal of weapons, and one of the best fighters in the hell that is the DC Flashpoint Universe.
  • Weapons and Equipment: Throwing stars, grappling gadgets, normal DC Universe Batman weapons, but with the ability to kill criminals, but without the need to start all of his paraphernalia with the "Bat" name.
  • Origin: This Batman was born when his son was brutally murdered in an alley by Joseph Chill. Taking the law into his own hands, he hounded chill, and murdered him in cold blood. Since this date, Batman has taken down many "Rogues" in Gotham, he now rules the city with an iron fist. Nothing happens in Gotham without the Batman's knowledge. Unlike the regular DC Universe, who works through fear of criminals, Thomas Wayne works under the notion that the only good kind of criminal, is a dead one.

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I could go with another third tier, unpowered DC character, but I shan't.

  • Name: The Thing
  • Real Name: Benjamin Jacob Grimm
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Mid 30's to Early 40's, but he's a pile of rocks, so it doesn't exactly matter.
  • Appearance:


  • Alignment: Good
  • Personality: Funny, boisterous, hot tempered, but overall good-hearted.
  • Powers and Abilities: Extremely strong, extremely durable. Very capable fighter and pilot.
  • Weapons and Equipment: Pants(?)
  • Origin: Ben Grimm grew up in a Jewish neighborhood on Long Island. He ran with The Yancy Street Gang, became a star football player, Marine and astronaut. Then, his good buddy Reed Richards exposed him to Cosmic Radiation, and Ben mutated into the Ever Lovin' Blue Eyed Thing you see today. In this universe, Ben Grimm recently has become the Thing. He's separated from the rest of the FF, currently. Thanks to his relationship with Alicia Masters, Ben has overcome his shame at his new form. Not bad for a mook from Yancy Street.

EDIT: Origin changed to reflect the reboot.

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All right. How about this:

  • Name: Wonder Woman
  • Real Name: Artemis
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 30-ish
  • Appearance:
  • 365995-165457-artemis.jpg
  • Alignment: Good
  • Personality: A little arrogant at times, short-tempered, and oftentimes her first reaction to many volatile situations is to use violence, rather than reason as the first Wonder Woman did. But she has a strong sense of honor and compassion for those in need. She does NOT suffer fools and idiots gladly.
  • Powers and Abilities: Unlike the original Wonder Woman, Artemis does not naturally possess superpowers. having only peak human levels of strength, reflexes and endurance. She is a master hand-to-hand fighter combining many assimilated fighting techniques and is a weapons expert in both the use and manufacturing of weapons, including modern weaponry but mostly favoring the bow and arrow.
  • Weapons and Equipment: The Gauntlet of Atlas - increases her strength to 10 times human norms. The Sandals of Hermes - enables her to fly and run at high speeds. The Armor of Shim'Tar - provides limited invulnerability.
  • Origin: The first Wonder Woman, the Amazon Princess Diana, came to Man's World just before the Second of Earth's great Wars, to fight against the tyranny and oppression she saw being inflicted upon the world. She remained afterwards for many years, eventually leaving when she saw that she was no longer needed. Now a new age has dawned and Queen Hippolyta has been given a vision of the future, one in which Wonder Woman returns to Man's World, but at the eventual cost of her life. Unwilling to loose her daughter, she proclaimed that a new Age required a new Wonder Woman and called for a new contest. Artemis, unknowingly helped by the Queen, won the contest. She was given several magical objects to help her in her fight against the new challenges that will await her in Man's World.

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I'm debating between two deceased ninth-tier characters.

Go for it. I'm debating on if I want to go with Animal-Vegtable-Mineral Man or The Rainbow Rider.

The Rainbow Rider, of course.

Now, Doom, Batman, Blue Beetle and Wonder Woman are accepted.

The only problem with the Thing is it's backstory, saying it has already defeated some villains I was hoping to use (remember, rebooted universe, so the Thing may just be starting). Also, if Ben is already the Thing, then that means the Fantastic Four have already been created...

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Well, I for sure know most of Ben's time will be spent screwing with Doom and calling Artemis Medusa.

Strat: I'm cool with a rebooted Ben, I was just using his comics origin. I'll be skipping the mopey factor, however. So, fresh Ben who's comfortable in his hide.

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I'll work up a starting post then for that time. And before I forget, I have a query. If it is all right, The Amazons have had an Embassy in New York since WW2. When Diana returned to Paradise Island, the Embassy remained open, but with a greatly reduced staff. For the most part, I think they'd be the only Amazons in Man's World

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Well, I for sure know most of Ben's time will be spent screwing with Doom and calling Artemis Medusa.

Strat: I'm cool with a rebooted Ben, I was just using his comics origin. I'll be skipping the mopey factor, however. So, fresh Ben who's comfortable in his hide.

Medusa? Oh you mean that bloody ponytail. How long is it supposed to be anyway? In some pictures it looks like its twice as long as she is tall. Not the sort of thing a warrior would allow. Think I'll shorten it a bit. :P

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Name: Venom

Real Name: Peter Parker

Gender: Male host and female (or at least feminine) symbiote

Age: c. 17

Appearance: (Google 'Ultimate Venom'; can't/don't know how to post pictures here with iPad)

Alignment: Antihero but bordering on evil

Personality: Extremely moody and reckless; previous introversion and inhibitions worn away by the symbiote; consumed by anger and hatred; extremely intelligent, especially regarding science and technology, and a crafty opponent. With newfound strength comes newfound confidence, and because he feels no need to hide his abilities or identity, Parker has bulked up considerably since coming into contact with the symbiote. Trusts and confides in no one but the symbiote.

Powers and Abilities: Gifted with wall-crawling, enhanced strength, reflexes, speed, and healing, and early warning system courtesy of mutated spider bite; symbiote triples strength and healing and provides Parker with a nigh-inexhaustible supply of organic webbing, limited camouflage, and would grant him immunity to the early warning system of someone similarly bitten by a mutated spider. Vulnerable to extreme heat and noise.

Weapons and Equipment: None save symbiote.

Origin: Same as the Spider-Man we all know and love (well, except Des), save that the spider that bit him carries gene modified from specimens of Homo superior and that shortly after the death of Uncle Ben, Peter encountered and bonded with the black extraterrestrial symbiote. Attracted to the young man by his anger and hatred, it/she convinced him to channel those emotions and lash out at those who would prey on the innocent, be they car thieves like the one who took his uncle's life or bullies at school like Eugene "Flash" Thompson. Since brutally hanging the former thug with his webbing, Venom (a name he chose to inspire dread in his enemies/victims) has gone on a murderous spree throughout New York, killing criminals without remorse and eluding the authorities...but what happens when he comes into contact with other superpowered beings in New York?

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Well, I for sure know most of Ben's time will be spent screwing with Doom and calling Artemis Medusa.

Strat: I'm cool with a rebooted Ben, I was just using his comics origin. I'll be skipping the mopey factor, however. So, fresh Ben who's comfortable in his hide.

Medusa? Oh you mean that bloody ponytail. How long is it supposed to be anyway? In some pictures it looks like its twice as long as she is tall. Not the sort of thing a warrior would allow. Think I'll shorten it a bit. :P

Honestly, it comes from Dan Slott's Thing mini-series: Medusa does something and Ben says it's very Wonder Woman. Medusa has no idea what that means and Thing tells her that "She's a chatacter in the funny pages."

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  • Name: Squirrel Girl
  • Real Name: Doreen Green
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Early/mid 20s
  • Appearance: SquirrelGirl.jpg
  • Alignment: Good
  • Personality: Sweet and enthusiastic - just don't underestimate her.
  • Powers and Abilities: Squirrel powers. No, really.
  • Weapons and Equipment: Prehensile tail, knuckle spikes, utility belt with nuts, her army of squirrel friends
  • Origin: Doreen is an enthusiastic young girl who may or may not have assaulted an Avenger to prove that she was ready to be a superhero.

I am totally fine with the injoke about her beating Doom's ass existing or not in game, as well as any existing history with the Thing. And I will stick with her established in-continuity reason for being in New York: no reason whatsoever.

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I keep thinking of these things separately, which is annoying. No idea why I can't just come up with them all at once..

In my starting post, Artemis will be newly arrived from Paradise Island (although I am toying with it being called Thymiscra instead) and has not yet put on the costume. So Wonder Woman's first public outing will be in-game. Diana left in the late 40's/early 50's. No need to put in an actual date as yet.

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