Can-Am Conversations #02


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Thank you, I swear, if this is a pattern, the next one we put out will be in Q1 06, and I'll no longer be a young teen to Scriv's younger teen. But thank you, this took forever to do, with our schedules and time zones being as off as they were.

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As a reader, I'd prefer to see these a little more regularly, but as the editor/publisher I'd rather you two continue what you're doing (RE: taking your time) so the quality doesn't suffer. So if the next one doesn't hit until January 2006, so be it.

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Fun column, I was afraid you guys were gonna let this group column die and not bother doing another one of them. Glad to see that it's still going.

I appreciate that, because I take a lot of pride in my work, because I put a lot of effort into my work.

When me and Scriv do this, it's a lot of fun and usually a great conversation/argument.

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