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I'm a life-long fan of Batman (i.e. Bruce Wayne) and have read a lot of comic books centering around him, but want to branch out and haven't read any comics focusing on the other members of the Bat Family (save most of Dick's run as Batman and Batwoman: Elegy). What are some good storylines focusing on Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon, and Tim Drake? I'm also open to suggestions for Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, Batwoman, and Catwoman stories, but keep those for Damien Wayne to yourself. I have no time for the bastard.

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Catwoman: Selina's Big Score, if I recall, is a prequel to the much-praised Catwoman series by Ed Brubaker and Darwyn Cooke.

Teen Titans #17-19, from the 2003 series, shows us what Tim and the rest of the Titans might become if darkness consumes them.

And let's not forget the whole of Gotham Central. That book, more than any other, fleshes out the world in which Batman operates.

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These are things that come to my mind. Some of them I've read, others I'm just putting down information to help, and series that I've heard are good.

Stephanie Brown as Batgirl by Bryan Q Miller is supposed to be a really fun book. Also, Batgirl starring Cassandra Cain was supposed to be an enjoyable read. Though the Adam Beecham mini series is supposed to be terrible.

The classic 1980's New Teen Titans has Dick's changes from Robin into Nightwing during The Judas Contract.

If you enjoyed The Long Halloween, there's the follow up about Catwoman, Catwoman: When in Rome by the same creative team.

You've probably read Birds of Prey, but I really enjoyed the Tony Bedard run that ended the book, that featured Babara coming face to face with The Joker, which was fun. I don't know if any of it is collected, but back issues hunting is always fun.

Robin had around 3 mini series before he had his own ongoing, and the one featuring Huntress is enjoyable, it has very little batman involvement, and has some stupid 90's gimmick covers, so should be easy to find, as I got my issues for around £3 at a convention. Also, his ongoing lasted 170 issues, and from what I read, it was a good teenage level series. Also, Young Justice by Peter David is supposed to be very good. DC came out with a magazine sized story of three issues of the series for $7.99 a year or two back, in their DC Comics Presents line, you may be able to find this at a show for a few dollars, so if you see it, give it a look, and see if the series is for you.

Harley Quinn had an ongoing for a while, which under the Dodsons was supposed to be fun, they may be hard to find, but could be worth a look. There's also a trade out called Harley and Ivy, which features the team up of the two from BTAS, in the comics, in and out of continuity, and is a fun read, and includes an issue drawn in a Bruce Timm style.

Finally, there's Robin: Year 1 and Batgirl: Year 1.

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I'll echo everything everyone else said.

Yeah, the Cassandra Batgirl run is really good stuff. A friend just let me borrow the first three trades and I've really enjoyed them. Bryan Q Miller's Stephanie-Batgirl is also very good; I might even like that one more.

I have a soft spot for Nightwing: Year One. It's not the best story in the world, but it's a really great way to introduce the character and totally worth a read-through. Robin: Year One is along those same lines. Less important, but an enjoyable way to spend an hour, and nicely informative about Dick's character as a young Robin.

Barbara's new origin in Batgirl #0 was pretty sweet; I'd check that out, too.

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