Episode 588


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Regardless, I look forward to listening to this. I reread the original SH mini not too long ago and found it didn't really hold up, especially after all the hype surrounding the story when it was published.

I want to reread the massive crossover where he was searching for a cure to AIDS now.

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Okay, just listened to it last night.

Because I think I'm the guy you talked to Shadowhawk about, I've got some clarifications for you:

-The mystery was actually the main thrust behind the promotion of the book at the time.

-I've never been a fan of his art, but I've come to appreciate it as a bit of a rougher John Buscema. I did, however, have a poster of issue four's cover (with Dragon) on my wall.

-I think the idea behind the concept of his SH covers was to highlight the mystery and offer an interesting design as opposed to trying to compete with the guys he launched the company with. No covers looked as good as Image covers at the time.

-Valentino, I've always felt, was a super-creative guy whose ideas spanned a little farther than his artistic talent. Case in point was him being given carte blanche on the Guardians of the Galaxy book he did at Marvel. IN my recollection, the only other thing of note that he did was write a lot of and oversee behind the scenes, the production of the second volume of What If?

-In relation to his other Image compatriots, he was easily the lowest selling, by a landslide. Liefeld was the golden boy, then Larsen then McFarlane then Lee then Silvestri, then Portacio (though, those last two could be interchangeable at times).

-He was really good at attaching himself to the right people though. I'm pretty sure it kept him out of obscurity and secured his position today as the head of a nice and interesting imprint at Image.

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