Hannukah / Christmas gift thread, 2012 edition


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Early Christmas in the Toland household, what with family and traveling obligations.

Made out like a bandit so far. Got the six-foot version of Tom Baker's scarf, a Captain America wallet (a really nice one), and the Who 50th Anniversary Monopoly set.

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I've gotten a few small things from my bosses and coworkers (popcorn, a pin, chocolate, etc), and some horribly amusing lime green napkins from the office White Elephant so far. En route to the grandparents' today for extended family Christmas, and then Monday is with my mom, and Tuesday with my dad.

Also, excellent choice, James - one enables the other. :P

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Since we have extended family Christmas on both sides of the family coming up, we had a family Christmas yesterday. I got Kirby: King of Comics by Mark Evanier, a Minecraft pickaxe bottle opener, two Avengers glasses, a new pair of shoes, and a bunch of clothes. My favorite gift so far is this piece of wall decor made to look like old film reels.


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My old housemates gave me some homemade german cakes, christmas cake and raspberry sauce. However the best bit was when I have their two year old daughter her present which she tore open instantly to find three animal puppets which she then insisted we play with for the next two hours. Awesome feeling to get something like that right. Plus it was super-cute watching a little girl trying to play with three puppets until she realises she only has two hands and needs to give at least one to someone else.

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