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A Nightmare on Elm St. (1984): I love this one as much as I do because of the tagline, but also because of the image. It would be easy to just have Freddy on the poster. Instead, Nancy is up front and center with just Freddy's Glove


The Lost Boys: A classic. I love the solid red background and the cast in black and white. Once again, the Tagline is great. Would be great without the "It's Fun To Be a Vampire" part.


Inception: I'm not a big fan of the "Show the cast standing dramatically" poster. That said, the cast is just barely the thing on display in the poster here. It's intrigueing and helps get across the fact that the we're looking at a dream here.


Kill Bill Vol. 2: The Bride in her dress with the sword with that single ray of light, hinting at a scene that, sadly, never got filmed.


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Alien poster:


That also has one of my favourite tag lines in films. In Space, no one can hear you scream.

Will already hit one of my favourites, in NOES, so here's one that when I saw this in my local cinema, I had to pause and say "Fuck! It's actually happening!"


And finally, from one of my other favourite films of all time:


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Walk the Line: Simple, stylized and sharp.


True Grit (2010): Doesn't even need a picture.


The Searchers: The bare landscape, the repeated tagline, this is the perfect representation of the film.


The Dark Knight: There are about 15 posters from this one that were all brilliant, this (these 3, more accurately) was my favorite:


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