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We seem to have crossed over our picks Jason, I was reading through that considering it. Its the root of my line of thinking in picking Sandman.

It was your picking of Sandman that reminded me of High Cost of Living. :P Otherwise I would have stuck with Catwoman.

Well you know what they say about great ideas. I had them first. ;)

And I am pleased you did. ;) I would've been happy with Catwoman, but I'm equally glad I remembered Death..

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Seemingly immortal, General Immortus has lived for centuries and conquered clandestinely. His time, like so many others of our cast of characters, is running out. He is unending evil. He will go to any means to meet his own ends. He will employ an army of other evil-doers to do his bidding. They will follow him, not out of respect, but out of fear. My pick has played evil incarnate so many times, it’s second nature, but he also has the subtlety to do it in a way that captivates the viewer. Dracula, Rasputin, Fu Manchu, Lord Summerisle,and Saruman, are all roles where he defined evil. He’s also a badass heavy metal singer playing the role of Charlemagne! He is one of the greatest, and oldest living actors: Sir Christopher Lee!


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Will post images when I have access to a decent computer.

Paul Rudd as Ted Kord/Blue Beetle- Funny and likable and could see him working well with Ryan Gosling's Booster Gold.

Salma Hayek as Beatrice Bonilla da Costa/Fire- Might have to play with accent and height a bit, but she can bring more than enough sas and sexiness to the role.

Jenna-Louise Coleman as Mary Batson/Mary Marvel- This was a tough one, but went with Coleman because she can be fun and bubbly (judging just from Asylum of the Daleks; haven't seen The Snowmen yet) and can do an American accent (Captain America).

John Krasinski as Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man- Another tough one, but went with Krasinski because of his somewhat goofy features and because he'd make for a better stretchy guy than the other person I considered for the role, Jason Segel. Also makes sense for when I get to one of my supporting characters.

Josh Brolin as Nathaniel Adams/Captain Atom- Could easily see playing the humorless straight man against goofballs in the Super Buddies.

Will post my villain and first supporting character after Hannah does.

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My turn. OK.

Let's see... High Cost of Living doesn't really have actual antagonists as such, but here they are:


Mad Hettie. Mad as a bag of spoons, bag lady, rumoured witch (which she denies) and born 1761. Really wants to find her heart and can't remember where she put it. Prepared to cut off someone's nose, but then gets all teary and sad. Played by:


The Eremite. Mysterious. Blind. Believes Didi to be the human personification of Death and wants her Ankh in the worst way, thinking it will give him power. Fully prepared to kill - and does (eventually) - to get it.


Played by:


(Note: Rutger Hauer almost got this role, but The Eremite is a scenery chewer, and no one chews like a trained Shakespearean actor. David Tennant almost got it for the same reason.)

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The first mission the squad goes on in the film has them assassinate some Middle Eastern leader as part of a "regime change" enforced by the US Government. The second, however, will be them cleaning up a much larger mess, two former US Military men, driven insane and given incredible power. And they need to keep this mission as underground as possible:

Timothy Olyphant as Major Force:


Bruce Willis as General Wade Eiling


(Both characters are mostly CGI, but some pre-transformation flashbacks will be shown, of course.)

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Meet Shockwave.


It says here that he's a professional mercenary equipped with a high-tech suit of armor of unknown origin. He's strong, he's mouthy and he's more than a match for Booster.

So, I need a swaggering, physically imposing guy who, above all else, can trash talk Booster with ease.


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I considered Javier Bardem and Adam Baldwin for this, but in the end I just used a man already known for a comic book role in Dredd.

Karl Urban as Vandal Savage


Immortal, immoral, former Nazi but that's just the tip of the iceberg. He negotiated his freedom after VE day and in exchange has been brought across to help with the US missile and space programs. What darker purpose is he working towards, and what has he really promised the politicians and military?

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Going from club to club around the US, with his deranged comedy act, never using the same name twice, the only things that stay consistent about him are his act, and the horrors that he brings. Now, settling into Gotham, he may have found a home, a home for his brand of mayhem to truly take shape. Across the country, he has honed his craft, leaving victims in his wake, the horrors he's concocted are enough to make your skin crawl inside out. Sometimes he describes his exploits to the audience, explaining the simultaneous orgasmic joy and horror he receives from his actions. Knowing that a part of him wants to stop, turn himself in to the police, or end his life. But he knows he can never do that, the voices, they won't let him. And maybe a part of him doesn't want it to end, maybe he's enjoying being a part of the act, being a part of this world of pain and torture, as inflicting pain and torture on others, makes sure the monsters don't come after him.

Edward Norton will be playing this role.


His real name is unknown in this universe. But, he does have a nickname, the few people who have dealt with him in the past, have only known him as "The Ventriloquist"

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Like as well.

My villain: Manga Khan

Recently more of an antagonist than an outright villain, Manga Khan descends upon the Super Buddies to reclaim his former robotic errand boy (and beloved) L-Ron. Since he's a gaseous being in a metallic suite, he'll probably be mostly CGI. His voice, though, will be provided by KENNETH MOTHERFUCKING BRANAGH, God of Theatre. Khan has a tendency to slip into almost Shakespearean monologues, so who better to deliver them than a Shakespearean master? Khan also gets epicly pissed off several times during the storyline that I'm basically adapting (that being Formerly Known as the Justice League) and seeing a pissed-off Branagh character is always awesome, be he Henry V or Laurence Olivier (in My Week with Marilyn).

My first supporting character:

Maxwell Lord, played in this movie by Steve Carell. Like Manga Khan, this iteration of the character is much less villainous than other incarnations. While not as thick and clueless as Michael Scott, Lord is no less of a schmuck, with the ego and morals of Lex Luthor without the malice or genius, a role that Carell is more than capable of pulling off.

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