2013 Oscars


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I'll be in chat watching tonight if anyone wants to join. As for predictions...

Best Picture

Will Win: Argo

Might Win: Lincoln

Should Win: Django Unchained or Silver Linings Playbook

Best Director

Will Win: Stephen Spielberg, Lincoln

Might Win: David O. Russel, Silver Linings Playbook

Best Supporting Actor

Will Win: Robert DeNiro

Might and Should Win: Christoph Walz

Best Supporting Actor

Will and Should Win: Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables

Could Win: Sally Field, Lincoln

Best Actor

Will and Should Win: Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln

Could Win: Bradley Cooper, Silver Lining Playbook

Best Actress

Will and Should Win: Jennifer Lawrence

Could Win: Emmanuelle Riva

Best Animated Film

Will Win: Wreck-it Ralph

Could Win: Brave

Should Win: Paranorman

Best Original Screenplay

Will and Should Win: Django Unchained

Could Win: Amour

Best Adapted Screenplay

Will Win: Argo

Could and Should Win: Silver Lining Playbook

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Argo should and will win best picture. Lincoln should have been better, Daniel Day Lewis' brilliant performance was the only thing rising the film from mediocrity. I thought Life of Pi was fantastic, but the only thing it might win is visual effects. I don't think last year was a great year for film, but there are still a few worth noting.

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McFarlane himself is pretty funny. You have to realize that he considers himself a Trey Parker/Matt Stone type; nothing is off limits. Unlike Parker and Stone, McFarlane has no idea what subtlety is. Family Guy and it's ilk are pretty awful, but McFarlane is good fun.

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McFarlane hit some good notes, but there were quite a few moments during the night where I was just cringing at some of his jokes (lol domestic violence!, lol gaaaaaaaaaaaay).

If you thought those were bad, read some of the ones they didn't use from one of the writers.


In order to learn how to land a plane like that, Denzel spent hours in the cockpit training with some of the best pilots in Al Qaeda

And the Oscar for “Worst Oscar” goes to South African sprinter Blade Runner
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