Happy birthday, Mike!


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Were it not for Michael David Sims, I would not have spent 27 sessions of over 2 hours in conversation with Adham Fisher, re-listening to a cartoon podcast about three times per episode for the purpose of clipping, nor handed over money desparately needed to set myself up as a young professional for a brief holiday in Chicago. Nor bought DVDs of Doctor Who or the DCAU.

...........Happy Birthday!!!! :yes:

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Thank you, all!

Kids, let me tell you this: My 35th birthday was spent working out, napping, fielding phone calls from parents, grocery shopping, being far from sober, and watching Over the Top with my wife whilst wearing sweet pants, no socks, and a Kool-Aid Man / Hulk T-shirt. That's adulthood. That's married life. That's old age. That's life. Live it and love, my friends.

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