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The fact that he says it took 20 minutes to write the song makes me think.... Hmmmm. Will wait to be happily surprised.

Huey Lewis wrote "I Want a New Drug" in 20 minutes, so I think everything's gonna be just fine.

And Rey Parker Jr took just as long to rip it off for Ghost Busters!

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Song's available on Spotify.

Bet this will be a theme people either love or hate. It won me over immediately with it's lush orchestra at the very top. The main hook gets a bit...whiny? IDK, but overall I like it.

Right now the Craig themes rank for me thusly:

You Know My Name


Writing's on the Wall

Another Way to Die (this has grown on me tho)

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I mostly liked it. It had some problems but, overall, I liked.


  • The Pre-credits scene was just a terrific action sequence. There's one tracking show that I loved in particular. Plus the entire atmosphere of that scene was phenomenal.
  • Daniel Craig and, pretty much his entire supporting case at MI6, were spot-on this time. The chemistry and the way they bounced off of each other was wonderful.
  • The Bond Girls. Monica Bellucci should have had more time but she was perfect in every scene she had. Plus, so fucking sexy. Léa Seydoux, it took me a bit to start buying her but, once I did, she was one of the better Bond Girls. I just wish after that scene where she demonstrated she could use guns, she would have.


  • The plot was incomprehensible at times. Like, not Octopussy levels but still up there. Like, I get the final part of it but there were tons of times that I missed entire reasoning for actions.
  • Look, I love Christoph Walz but he was not right for this role. He just never felt all that invested and never monomanical enough for it all.
  • I repeat, Sam Smith's song was bluh.
  • The movie went on way too long. There was at least one climax too many. That and the ending just wasn't satisfying and just begging to get undone in the next one.
  • There were more than a few moments that it felt like it was way too connected to the other Craig installments to the point where I forgot entire plot elements from, say, Quantum of Solace, and it felt like they were too lazy to flesh it out for other people. I had a person with me who had never seen a Bond film and he got confused as hell in there at one point.

Overall, it's somewhere in the middle for me as far as Bond films go. If I see it again, I might change my mind but it's still just... meh.

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From what I've seen thus far, people's enjoyment seems to come down to whether they wanted Spectre to be better than Skyfall, or if they were just down for a fun movie going experience. Spectre's a lot of fun. It is a throw-back in bringing back a lot of the classic Bond conventions, but it's never outright stupid about it. It's not as strong as Skyfall, but by no means is it bad. It's pretty good actually.

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The Radiohead version of the Spectre theme has been released.


I do like "Writing's on the Wall", but this is a more consistent theme song and I like it a lot better. It also made me realize that the Spectre title sequence is my favorite of all the Bond franchise. Everything is so creative and evocative of the Bond world, and I love the visual callbacks to the Craig era.

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