Episode 19: Alone in the Dark


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This episode of the Tirades breaks the all-time record for most unanswered questions ever caused by a bad movie. Why did the guys agree to watch another Uwe Boll movie? Why Alone in the Dark? Who is Christian Slater talking to? How do guns work? Why does anything happen in this movie? Does anything happen in the movie? We offer no answers, only entertainment. [ 1:50:20 || 53.4 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/tranquiltirades/episodes/tranquiltirades_019.mp3

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Enjoyable to hear the both of you cut loose again, gentlemen! I haven't seen the film, due to the fact that it's Alone in the Dark, but it's always a pleasure to hear you both picking it apart! Oh, and your reference to the dogs within Tirades Towers made me think of this for the first time in years:

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