Jurassic Park 4

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Yeah, let's cut out the ridiculousness.

That's exactly what they did. They cut out all the ridiculous dinosaur fighting and "Chris Pratt badassery" BS and selected enough clips to spell out the entire plot in 2 minutes.

Two two and a half minute trailers better not be ninety percent of the movie. We're looking at a six minute runtime then.

I'm sure you understood what I meant and your snarky runtime response was a joke, but to clarify: You've seen 90% of the substance of this movie, probably more. Nothing in the film will surprise you in the slightest after having seen that tralier, I guarantee you.

This movie looks like complete shit, cut the budget down by 100 mil and you have an asylum production. A bunch of studio exects got together and said "people love Chris Pratt, people love dinosaurs" that seems to be the amount of creative energy that went into making it. I'm not going to waste my time on this Shlock.

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They're making another one, which made me look to see if there is an existing thread on the fifth movie. There isn't, but my thought applies here too.

The premise is absurd. There is no way this would be allowed to operate after three dinosaur rampages.

However, it was entertaining for what it was. It would have been better as a reboot.

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Agreed. At some point the island would be quarantined and / or nuked (with the excuse being it was a test of a new missile). And that's the movie I want to see: 25 years after the island was nuked, a team of scientists make landfall to see how the nuclear fallout affected the local vegetation and wildlife, little-knowing man-made dinosaurs recently roamed the land. What they find are nuclear-mutated beasts of all sorts, including super dinosaurs, and they have little hope of escaping.

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