Pacific Rim

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Just saw it. Was a little ho-hum about it at first, until the big fight in Hong Kong Harbor began and I really got into it. Not the most original film

(The way they got rid of the rift reminded me of the way Iron Man eliminated the Chitauri fleet in The Avengers)

but definitely a kickass fun one and possibly the best I've seen this summer so far.

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You bunch of grumpy Gus's, this is everything I was hoping for. The first film was a blast and the next one is going to take it even further. I can't wait!

I mean, I love Del Toro's more subtle stuff, Pan's Labyrinth is a personal favourite, but Pacific Rim was one of the few purely joyous blockbusters last year. No-one else is going to make that movie in that style and with that vision. Let's not pretend that you could just watch Transformers and it'd basically be the same thing, Pacific Rim was that style of blockbuster done right.

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First I've heard of it. Ewww...

Looks like that could be a huge pile of shit.

Based off what? The handful of sentences he's said about it? The casting? The few photos from the set?

Nothing about it screams typical hollywood fare. Maybe it will suck, but I doubt it would be because of studio meddling. It seems like the guy's making the exact kind of movies that make him happy. I don't give a shit about Pacific Rim, but I think he made the exact movie he wanted to make, and something that a ton of people were happy to see. I just wasn't along for the ride.

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