2013 NCAA March Madness


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I figured I would start a thread for the tournament. I crated a bracket pool on yahoo if anyone is interested. (Group ID# 90495, Password: qwerty)

Brackets were announced about two hours ago and I have already filled out my bracket five times with different outcomes. This year seems more open than most, yet that bothers me. I have a feeling that even tho the regular season was full of parity, the tournament will be largely chalk.

As for the seedings, I do not understand how the committee thinks. Duke & Ohio State should be switched regions. If Gonzaga is the 4th #1, they should play the 1st #2 (Duke). If Louisville is the #1 overall, they should get the 4th #4 seed (which in this case is Ohio State). Louisville is the one getting screwed in this situation, but that is also assuming that all four of these teams make the regional finals.

Now I have until Thursday to figure out how I can have as many screen as possible to watch every game at once.

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My bracket is beyond fucked, but I never do well, so par for the course.

I have to admit, this year's tournament isn't really doing it for me. Sure, there have been upsets and Cinderellas (La Salle and Florida Gulf Coast), but something is missing. No buzzer beaters for one.

Also, as I was telling my friend while watching Fridays games, it just isn't the same since they moved to the four channel format. I get the reasoning. Heck I was excited when they announced it. But have the option to watch every game just doesn't have the same frenzied feel that I used to get. When you were stuck to regional coverage and they were switching games as they got close late and you never really watched an entire game and you yell at the tv when your team is playing and the change. All that is lost. I remember sitting in the college lounge watching a game on the tv and having the three other games on laptops because we had to. Now, I was watching everything online with no real overlap issues.

It feels weird to complain about having more content easily available, but I comfortable enough in my inner old man to tell these damn kids they have it too easy.

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