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Is it too late to join?

Bumping this to make sure Will sees it.

Yeah, Elnino, you've been added to the roster. You're after YouKnowWho.

San Fransisco, Tuesday

"We really should have the X-Men salvaging this thing. It's their mess," the SHIELD agent said. He checked off a checklist, surveying the wreckage of Utopia, once a safe haven for mutants, not just a ruin in the sea. The City had called and complained, there were rumors that chemicals were leaking. For Agent Bulstrode, it was the worst job he had ever been put in charge of. Not the least bit because of the the killer robot that shot him through the chest less than a minute later.

General panic sprung up. It wasn't an isolated event. Robots popped up all over the city. Some people swear they were Sentinals. Another called 911 over Doombots. Yet another swore he moved from New York after one of those Spider-Slayer things leveled his house. For one woman, what should have been a great shopping trip with her best friend turned into A Day Like No Other. Well, in the case of Carol Danvers, it was closer to her fifth or sixth day like no other but you get the meaning.

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)


Captain Marvel is a human woman who has been mutated through Kree Technology. She has self-propelled flight, super strength, speed, invulnerability, the ability to fire photonic blasts, and a seventh sense. She will also kick you in the face if you bring up that time she was brain-washed and her friends just let her kidnapper/son/husband take her to another dimension. Seriously. Comics everyone!

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Their shopping date ruined, Carol changed into her costume and started killing rogue robots. Her shopping companion had disappeared. As Carol threw one... was that a Phlanax? Never mind... into another. They exploded. Carol didn't notice the Doom-bot sneaking up behind her.

For that matter, the Doom-bot didn't notice the tiny woman that flew into cortical node and fried it. She flew out of the other hole and started flying through, disrupting other robots before rejoining her friend, regrowing to normal size.

"So, next Sunday good for you?" Janet asked Carol.

Carol shook her head, "I have a speaking engagement at West Point." Carol punched the head off a nearby Awesome Android copy. "We really do need to schedule these things for sometime a super-villain doesn't attack."

Janet agreed and started going to town on the nearby Sentinel.

The Wasp (Janet van Dyne)


The Wasp has the ability to alter her shape, usually only to become smaller though she can grow to great heights as well. When small, she gains wings and can create stinger blasts. She also is pretty damn deductive and has a great eye for fashion.

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