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The three squat robots approached the helpless orphans. They cowered in fear, the youngest and most adorable one, her hair in curls.

"You will be cleansed from this Earth for Germany!" They said. The little one cried.

A powerful fist punched the lead robot as it was about to attack the little girl. "Thou art scaring this small child! How dare thee!"

The three robots looked at each other and combined into a single form. Hercules shook his head, "Why dost thee always believe that increasing in stature will save thyself?"

The Super Sleeper Robot punched down onto Hercules. In response her lept up. After the first second of the most awesome fist pump ever, he pierced the metallic skin and came out the things back. It collapsed and the children cheered.

The littlest orphan looked up and said, "t'ank you Mithter Herculeth. You're my hero."

"Twas nothing. Now stay safe! Danger ist afoot!"



Hercules is one of the strongest beings in the universe. He's also really freaking strong. I mean seriously, strong. Plus, he's a god. Hello! Also, dude can rock a beard.

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The last would-be assassin hit the ground, unconscious before contact.

Only then did she allow herself to breath deeply. Being on land greatly reduced her stamina. Had there been more of her father's men, she may have perished. However, she was well-suited to battle twenty rogue Atlanteans at top power levels on any given day.

She wiped the blood off of her shortsword onto her pantleg and sheathed it in her thigh strap.


She spun, expecting to see the owner of the voice. It was an accent not of Atlantean origin, but it was familiar. He was not present, but all of a sudden she knew where to find him.

"I will come, and you will pay," she said. "So swears Andromeda!"


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From the audio diary of Dr. Henry McCoy.

April 6

I found a grey hair today.

Actually, under the light, I prefer to see it as more of a Roman Silver.

I fear many more are on the way if my work continues like this. Earlier in the week, Xi'an Manh (Karma, as she's known) approached me with a rather unique list of symptoms. She appears to be suffering from intense migraines, to the point of crippling disorientation. She also finds herself disgorging a dark tar-like liquid at random intervals. I've tried to study samples of this substance (an element I've since named Kulomium), but it's extremely reactive, and dissolves within a matter of minutes. With Xi'an's cooperation, I ran a gamut of tests, but found myself no closer to discovering the source of the illness.

As a side note, I've also had to break even more startling news to her: she's pregnant.

Without getting into a document of her social routine, she has presented to me a very clear list of reasons why this shouldn't be possible.

Two nights ago, there were reports of a fight between two women in Hell's Kitchen. Though not an irregular occurance for the area, it's worth noting that a witness claims to have seen both end their conflict immediately after vomiting a black liquid. Even more odd is that one of the women was allegedly Maya Lopez, who should be dead. Actually, let me rephrase that. She is dead. While it could very well be an imposter, it's still a sign that this... disease is inflicting seemingly random women.

April 7

Two more cases have been reported.

First was Sofia Mantega. She'd heard about my research and appeared to be suffering from understandable amounts of stress. What's remarkable about this instance is that she is a depowered mutant, thus shooting holes in my assumption that only powered women have the ailment. Why would this seemingly non-contagious affliction target a human waitress? Unfortunately, our phone call didn't last very long. Her voice was.. different than I remember, almost as if someone else was talking through her.

The second case was Ruth Aldine.



I asked her... well, she answered a lot of my questions. Though always polite, conversations with Ruth can be difficult to have due to her precognition. It was more of a monologue, really. All of the same symptoms that I found in Xi'an... including the pregnancy. When I asked what she knew about this mysterious liquid, her answer shook me to the core.

"I don't know."

Those are three words that you never want to hear from a psychic.

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