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"I say thee nay, base villain! If thou dost think Odinson will help thee gain power, then Mjolnir wouldst have words with thee!"

Thor spun his hammer and stepped toward the old count. Dracula, shriveled and burned on the floor of the makeshift cabin, held up his hand to stop the approaching thunder god.

"I assure you, Thor Odinson, I am merely asking the help of a group of adventurers with a desirable skill set. The ancient magic in this cabin alone is enough to put up a good fight against those who would enslave this reality."

"Vampire lord," Andromeda began, "I grow tired of your words. My sword is not silver, and nor is it a wooden stake, but it will gladly pierce your blackened heart and end my boredom."

"Relax, Atlantean," Dracula said. "Your usefulness is paramount. Enough for me to overlook your insolence. This once anyway. And I am no longer Lord of the Vampires. Nor was I ever."

"Oh shit..." Hellstrom muttered.

"You know somethin' I don't know, pretty boy?" Juggernaut looked at Hellstrom, noting the horrified look on his face.

"What's going on?" White Tiger asked.

"What she said!" Blazing Skull agreed.

"I know why I'm here," the Son of Satan replied.

"In the days before the Cataclysm," Dracula began, "Atlantis was a marvel of worldly achievement. The architecture, the science, the technology. But, their innovation did not stop there."

The cabin grew silent as Dracula continued:

"In our history, a cabal of magicians, led by Varnae, used a damned book called the Darkhold to turn themselves into vampires in their quest for immortality. it was the Garden of Eden story for my race."


"So?" Juggernaut grew impatient.

"So, fool, something has changed. I am no longer, and nor have I ever been the Lord of the Vampires. For something dire has happened in a new past. They not only used the magic to turn themselves into vampires, they conjured the author of the book."

"Oh, fuck..." Hellstrom fell to one knee.

"The Son of Satan has traveled back in time to Atlantis before," Dracula said, "and he will have to do so again."

"Who is the author of this book that makes it so bad?" White Tiger asked.

"Oh no!" Blazing Skull clutched his chest as he spoke. "Is it Stephanie Meyer?"

"No," Dracula continued, "it is the template for the Christian Devil and every evil force thought up by humanity."

"Who?" Andromeda demanded.

"Chthon," Hellstrom answered.


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Proteus screamed, forces he could not understand tearing away at flesh he did not have. This was not the Astral Plane as he knew it. He was broken; unstable.

He was dying. And this was his hell.

Until, a voice. A booming voice that ricocheted within.

"You've lived as a parasite, when you should have been a god."

The words were weighted and androgynous, coming from seemingly nowhere.

"And now you are in your final moments, no longer able to possess even the weakest of minds. Do you welcome death?"

He slowly spoke an answer that had been within him for ages.

"I was never alive."

There was a heavy silence before the voice spoke again.

"And what a shame that is. Someone with your... gifts. Always a pawn, never in true control of your own destiny. Never given a chance to live."

He grew weaker every moment, fragments of his energy form fading as he spoke.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Someone like you. Someone looking for a new beginning. We can tear down this world and recreate one to our liking. I can rebuild you; make you even stronger, harder to detect. I simply ask for your cooperation."

"Name your price" he said.

The voice continued, seemingly becoming more feminine as it continued.

"There are seven women. Each of them is flawed beyond repair. Individually, they are inconsequential, but together, they are the key to unlocking doors once thought closed forever. I need you to infect them, then bring them together. They will become incubators before eventually being overtaken and sacrificed. In death, they will serve a greater purpose than they ever did in life. They will give birth to the future... to a god; a body that you will be free to inhabit, forever."

The former Kevin MacTaggart couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"What do you gain from this? Why allow me to become a god?" he asked.

The voice finally revealed herself, a huge apparition in front of him.


Cassandra Nova

"Because I will be your goddess."

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"What's our name?" Blazing Skull asked. He was clearly excited.

"What?" Juggernaut, clearly annoyed, threw a sidelong glance in his disbelief.

"Yeah," Hellstrom began, "we've been drafted by Dracula and you want a team name?"

"Hell yeah, I do! We have Thor so how about an Avengers name? Carpathian Avengers? We could do a Blazing Skull and...kind of name like Blazing Skull and the Volatile Vampire Marching Society!"

"Hold thy tongue." It was the first thing Thor had said since they agreed to help the vampire. "The Avengers need not have their name besmirched."

"I don't feel like this is really a team," a mousy White Tiger said.

"Yes," Andromeda said, "teams have camaraderie."

"Oh shit! I got it!" Blazing Skull cackled.

"The cosmic one," he said pointing to Thor.

"The Atlantean," he said pointing to Andromeda.

"The magician," he said pointing to the Son of Satan.

"The hulking monster...no offense," he said pointing to Juggernaut.

"None taken."

"The cat lady," he said pointing at White Tiger.

"And finally, the rich bat-dude," he said pointing at Dracula.

"You know what this is, right?"

"Oh for God's sake!" Hellstrom muttered, walking away.

"We're a non-team! We're --


"Where do you fit in, match head?" Juggernaut asked.

"Makes sense," Daimon conceded, "Ghost Rider was a Defender too for a while."

"Goddammit! Every damn time..."

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Hulk, I get. I never dug him on teams, though I enjoy the character.

Totally agreed, which is why I find it so bizarre that he works so much better cinematically as a small part of the Avengers than he does carrying his own flick.

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