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You know, my experience with Power Rangers stems from a teenage fascination with the Pink Ranger and occasionally walking by the TV when my kids watched later iterations a couple months back. I've always thought the show was really stupid.

But damned if this wasn't one of the best celebrity panels I've ever heard.

Seems like a really cool guy. Handled the whole "have you thought about doing THIS with a Green Ranger story?" questions like a pro. That is, not saying "no fuckwad, I have no power over what they do with the characters."

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Pretty much every PR actor falls into either "really gracious about it" (Johnny Yong Bosch/Adam, Walter Jones/Zack), "is somewhat ashamed of having been in it" (Amy Jo Johnson/Kimberly), or "outgrew it because they felt like they were too badass" (possibly Austin St. John/Jason, a ton of others). JDF was known for a while as being in that last group, but he apparently came around at some point. (He grew up, learned some humility, became a teacher, etc.)

If I had the money I'd be at Dallas Comic-Con to see him this weekend, but hopefully he'll be around next year.

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