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Dan's putting together my dream team it looks like!

Adding a draft spreadsheet to keep this straight (very disorganised on this)

Pandy could you clarify your pick? The image is gone and all it says in the file name is Matt & Karen, so it could be either of them.

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Stormcage Containment Facility, The 51st Century

It had been a night. The Doctor had taken her ice-skating the Frost Moon of Skalindor. A little champagne, a little music from the Harp of Rassilon, and, well, a lady never tells. She walked past a sleeping guard.

"Just letting myself in for the night, no reason to wake yourself up and, oh, who might you be?" River said, seeing the man looking through a book.

"Dr. Song?" Jack asked.

River's face fell. "Oh, it's you. Come to gloat again I suppose? Well, I'm already in jail so it'll do no good."

"Why would I gloat?" Jack asked.

River smiled, "Oh, then we haven't met yet then. Well, spoi-" Jack disappeared and reappeared a second later.

"I caught you," Jack said, looking puzzled.

"Well, if you're going to ruin the surprise, yes, you did," River replied, rolling her eyes.

"I don't remember that," Jack said.

"I suppose you wouldn't. Technically I gave myself up because a mutual friend asked me to but then, well, that is what the time agency does when you lose their property," River held her hand up revealing her Vortex Manipulator, turned the wrist.

"How'd you get that? They told me it was stolen so they blanked-"

"A few years from your life, gave you a severance package, then sent you on your way. They were nice enough to grow back your wrist after Dorium had it cut off. You should have known better then to get a gambling debt to a man like that."

"Well, if I remember why, I'll let you know."

River walked over to a dresser and started filling a suitcase, "Well, I suppose next you're going to ask me for help with something, are you not?"

"How'd you know?" Jack asked.

"Well, I'd tell you but a woman would never kiss and tell," River blew a kiss, picked up the suitcase, and attuned her vortex manipulator to Jack's and they zapped out. The guard didn't wake up.


Dr. River Song is a criminal, a doctor, and a lover. She's quick on her feet, quick with a gun, and probably possibly married to The Doctor. She's also usually better in small doses. Yeah, Jack was thinking of sleeping with her but thought better of it.

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You can pick anything any round. We're not limiting it to a certain number of things, you can have 1 villain and 4 companions or 4 villains and no companion or the doctor can visit a whole bunch of planets, whatever you like. It's a freeform draft.

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