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Cardiff, Wales: The Day after Tomorrow

It was raining. Gwen Cooper was walking home from her consulting job with the police, so much safer, so much boring. Roald Dahl Plass technically wasn't along the way but she walked by it and left flowers once a week anyway. The better to remember lost friends. Sometimes she evne thought she would see one in the crowd. Like that guy who looks like Jack.

"Hi Gwen."

Oh shit, it is him.

"Jack, I thought you were dead," Gwen said, backing away.

"Yeah, I've heard that before," Jack responded, running his hand through his hair.

She shook her head, "Listen, I can't do this again. I have Rhys, I have my daughter. They'll be in danger, I can't be away from them."

"I'm restarting Torchwood and I can promise you you'll get all the freetime you want, even be a stay at home mom."

"But how?"

"Time travel."


Gwen Cooper is a former police officer and often the moral center of a group. She's also a great marksman and don't you dare fuck with her daughter. Jack also didn't think of sleeping with her. She's a mother and has a child for that matter.

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Yes I have. Granted, I did it 15 seconds before reading your post as I was adding SK, but I did it.

Only Ozymandias would be able to make that sound impressive....

And yes, Shining Knight has picked a wildly entertaining double act!

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Darn it, Ianto was on my shortlist. Although I must admit, once I decided on Gallifrey it would have been harder to fit him with the theme.

It's a testament to the ideas people are sculpting here that some of the most notable things in play haven't gone yet.

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