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Brighton's a fine beach - I went a few times when my sister was at university there. But I cannot believe Lancashire has the gall to have beach resorts. The weather is always terrible (I lived there for 3 years) and no-one should ever have to experience Morecambe. Ever.

On topic: whose go is it to pick things?

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Hey guys, wanted to put this out there before we fully finalised our plans (We've totally started writing and definitely haven't been too busy to even properly talk to each other about it. Honest) but would it be possible for us to very briefly include The Master? We have one short prologue scene including him half-planned which we'd like to put in as it goes along the way to explaining why our story happens. We wouldn't be using any specific incarnation, just "The Master"

If not then would we be able to just name-check him later on in the story?

Wanted to ask before we start properly doing anything. He wouldn't be a major character in any sense of the word but today has been the first time we've properly been able to discuss the Draft since June


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Unfortunately Rosie and I have a sad announcement to make, as much as we are loving planning this story (and we really are) due to university, home lives and looking for a job we just cannot feasibly get it finished but the 23rd November.

Hell we haven't even started writing it yet or talking beyond ideas, we are still planning on writing this story but as we can't get it done in time we're going to have to bow out.

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