Best Robot villain of Doctor Who


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Pretty much the title of the forum. Say if all the robots villains from Doctor who met on a desert moon and fought it out, who would be the last one standing? Lets begin with one of each, to start.

I would think that if it was just one on one all over the Raston Warrior Robot from "The Five doctors" would emerge victiorious. If anyone disagrees I would love to hear some feedback.

There are some that will go down pretty quick (like the cleaning robots from Paradise Towers). Any creative ways for the unlikable ones to go down is appreciated as well.

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In terms of best robot villain, I'd have to go with the clockwork droids from "The Girl in the Fireplace", hands down.

If we're talking about who'd be left standing in a free-for-all fight, then the Cyberking would probably last the longest, since it could just step on most of the other robots (ideally the bigger lame ones like the Terileptil android and Kandy Man). I could see a Host Angel also lasting longer than most, if only because it could fly and cut down other robots with their halos (such as the fashion bots in "Bad Wolf" and the Handbots from "The Girl Who Waited"). I imagine an Auton would mow down a lot of inferior robots with its hand-guns (such as the "slabs" from "Smith and Jones"), while a robot mummy from "Pyramids of Mars" would just hug a bunch of them (hopefully the Santabots) to death.

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True, I know that if it was the robots in sci-fi I would devolve into a toddler tantrum because my favorite robot of all time (Robby the Robot from "Forbidden Planet") would lose in the first round, even against skids and mudflap from Transformers: revenge of the fallen.

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