What games are you currently playing?

Mr. Keith

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Bought Lego Star Wars - The Complete Saga the other day. That is an extremely fun game, I can't believe I didn't get them originally. I can't believe it entertains me so much without any voice acting at all. I've never really played a platform game that made me want to replay levels, but this one does. I need to get those things that I can see but can't reach, but know how to get to with a different character. Can't wait to see it on the new screen I'm picking up within the month.

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Q wants to be my friend? Sweet! :D

Honestly, I don't know why anyone bothers with GH3 when Rock Band is clearly the better and more engrossing game. GH3's difficulty levels are absurd, too. I tried playing "One" on Medium and I got like 83% of the notes right. This is ME we're talking about. I DO NOT fuck up Metallica songs!! :grumble:

Now if it's a price thing, on the other hand... :unsure:

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I wasn't planning to buy GH3 until I'd tired of Rock Band, but it came out a month early and I was jonesing for some new songs. The difficulty thing is a huge roadblock, too. I can't beat it on expert. Simply cannot. The second solo on Cult of Personality is killing me.

We're having a Rock Band party at the office tonight!

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I'd gladly be playing Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band if you could find EITHER anywhere. And I'm calling bullshit and staggering the release of single instrument bundles. Stupid.

And Q you're in the top 100 cause theres only 200 copies of the game in the world ;). Kidding of course. That's awesome.

As for me, bit of Forza 2 now and then and some Halo 3.

Sad part is I've been playing mostly E4. Such an addictive little game.

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