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I’m now up to the final world in Henry Hatsworth and I’m thinking of going back and finding a few of the secret suit pieces. The game has been pretty challenging up to this point, but I keep hearing how the last world really ramps up the difficulty to an insane degree. I want to try and minimize the frustration as much as I can. Still, it’s a game I’d recommend to anyone who likes challenging platformers, provided you don’t mind playing some tetris attack every now and again.

Little King’s Story has been pretty great too. It’s not often that Europe and Australia get something the rest of the world doesn’t. For a game with an ultra cute, ultra simplistic art style, it’s surprising to see so much quirky Japanese humor has gotten through. After I killed the first boss –a cow with a detachable skull– my townspeople had a fair where they wore fake skulls as hats. And when the priest showed up, he commanded me to make a church or else God would punish me. Also, apparently the only way to make this world a better place is to slaughter everything and expand my empire. I love it.

Reviews possibly forthcoming for both.

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Playing some Guitar Hero: Metallica right now. I can fumble my way through "Battery" on Expert whenever I play it, but it absolutely destroys my shoulder. Of course, in my infinite wisdom, I had the absolutely brilliant idea to play "Whiplash" right after it last night. I wanted to amputate my entire right arm to end the pain. I love this game, though.

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With the trailer for the second one out, I've been playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance again. Has to be one of the greatest games ever.

Same here. Got a really good Thor, Luke Cage, Iceman, Deadpool team going on.

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