What games are you currently playing?

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Finished Bayonetta. I'm the master of the silver statue.

I love the fact that I completed the game and haven't gotten anywhere near all of the unlockables. There are at least 4 weapons that I haven't even used yet, I haven't bought any of the accessories in the store, and still need to get half the techniques.

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I spent around three and a half hours finishing off Bayonetta yesterday. I was a lot further away from the end than what I thought I was. I love how it had three false finishes. It just kept getting crazier and crazier as it went on. It was actually exhausting. Trying to explain the plot to my girlfriend's brother was hilarious too.

Since dubs already has dibs on a review, I'll write up one for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. I'd say I'm roughly half way through it. It get's two thumbs up from me so far though.

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Finished InFamous yesterday and I was pretty pissed off at the end of it. There were a couple of story threads that didn't end, so it's as if they are forcing me to buy a sequel just to get the answers I want. Either that or those stories only end if I go down the other karma route.

All in all, good game but a bit repetitive towards the end.

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Bought X-Men the official game from gamestop, heard all the negative stuff about it, but it was only $5 used. Man does it suck haaaaaard. Now I'm playing wolverine uncaged edition. Do I need to say how much better it is?

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I can't say I'm happy with all of the changes...I mean, the Mako wasn't perfect, but it was light years better than this scanning planets nonsense (though it's probably less irritating on the PC than the 360). I never understood the bitching about the architecture either, it made sense that there would be a pre-fab "colony kit" to send to uncharted worlds. The new level design often feels a little to "on-rails" for a western RPG, too.

The combat is thankfully much improved, as is the party member AI. Thank God they fixed the inventory.

An utterly fantastic game, the downsides are only minor quibbles at best, doubt anything will knock it out of GOTY for me.

Also playing with Forza 3 and The Saboteur. The Saboteur is a whole lot of fun, shame about Pandemic. I guess I'm having a love-hate relationship with EA right now.

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