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Finished AC Odyssey, the story was mostly really enjoyable. Definitely too burnt out to do the DLC just yet, but that's typically how AC games go for me,


Rebel Galaxy Outlaw: I've never been one to play pilot simulator games, but this looked like it had enough player choice to interest me, plus I really enjoyed the space flight segments in Kingdom Hearts 3. Having a blast with this, especially now that I've got a handle on the flying and the in-game economy. Small indie games are a great counterbalance to sprawling AAA games.

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Got Castlevania Anniversary Collection on the Switch, and I did not expect to play all 8 games, but by God I did. Quick save is great for just playing through the levels without too how much of a hassle, plus it helps the games go by fast.

Castlevania Bloodlines from the Genesis is definitely my favorite, that game does some really wild stuff, and Eric is a really fun character to play. After that, it's either 1 or 3. Super Castlevania 4 is a great technical achievement, but I'm not a huge fan of its look or sound. Simon's Quest is actually pretty fun with a guide. The first Gameboy game is the worst, and the second is pretty good. Kid Dracula is such a cute little game too. Overall, best $5 I've spent lately.

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I have that on the PS4 and keep meaning to dive in. Super Castlevania was a huge favorite of mine back in the day, I've always appreciated what Simon's Quest brought to the table, and Dracula's Curse was so cool being able to play as the other characters.

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I give my highest recommendation for Bloodlines, if you haven't played it. It builds off of Super Castlevania IV but with that Sega Genesis attitude. 

A cool thing about the collection is that it includes the Japanese versions of the games but with mostly English text. Dracula's Curse has better music and fairer difficulty, since they bumped up the difficulty for North America to encourage buying instead of renting. Bloodlines (Vampire Killer) is the same.

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Finished Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night on the Castlevania Requiem collection on PS4. Great games, barebones port. Wish it had the quick save options of the other collections, it would've saved me a ton of trouble.

Rondo is a good evolution from SC4, but some of the level designs are annoying. It wouldn't kill them to have added even a handful of wall chickens here and there. At least Maria is fun to play, and much easier.

And what hasn't been said about Symphony of the Night? It was a great next step for the Castlevania formula. The backtracking is a little annoying, I wish they let you use the warp points whenever, but it's so much fun to play that it's not a huge con. This feels like what Simon's Quest wanted to be.

Also, banger soundtracks. Adding guitars was one of the best things they've ever done for the franchise.

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